Liu Chao Presided over the Meeting about the Construction of the Concentration Development Zone of the Sci-tech City

The fourth meeting of the leading group is held

On November 23, Liu Chao, deputy secretary of municipal committee and mayor, and the leader of the concentration development zone Liu Chao presided over the construction area on the fourth meeting of the leading group construction and Development Zone Science and Technology City Development Zone, listen to reports on the construction of the city of science and technology, review "on the development zone construction leading group members and the addition of science and technology city set up a special working group proposal" on 2018, the construction project plans, arrangements for the next phase of work. Fu Kang, deputy secretary of municipal party committee and deputy leader of the group directing the construction of concentration development zone, attended the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that since this year, all the concerned parties, in accordance with the arrangements from municipal party committee and government have been working hard and made remarkable achievements. The design of the concentration development zone has been completed with high quality design; the investment continues to increase; projects run smoothly and all the work has achieved positive progress. We have laid a solid foundation for the building of the new center of international modern Mianyang and the building of ecological sci-tech city with the most beautiful ecology and advanced technology.

The meeting stressed that the concentration development zone is an important platform for Mianyang's industrial transformation. It is the core carrier for the construction of Mianyang science and technology city. It is also the key strategy for promoting the sustainable development of Mianyang. The standard, taste and quality of concentration development zone reflect those of Mianyang. We should follow the principle of "constructing new urban areas and upgrading the old city areas", further unify the thoughts to reach consensus and take measures according to the decisions and plans made by the municipal party committee and government. We should make solid efforts and integrate the resources in order to promote the quality and construction speed of the city's new center. We should accelerate the construction of new city development pattern featuring "two cores prospering".

The meeting called for a further clarification of the development ideas. We should adhere to the systematic planning and classification advancing. We should clarify the construction projects and promote them based on their categories in accordance with the detailed planning and city design requirements. We should insist on the idea of organic growth, which fans out from point to area. Basing on the artery roads, we should layout public facility around the key areas, build the road network and embed industrial projects and progress the construction of city center step by step. We should adhere to the principle of improvement in quality and function, integrating the construction of new city area with the evacuation of old city area. We should distinguish the order of priority, scientifically arrange the construction schedule and complete the basic service function of the new city center as soon as possible. We should improve the ecological environment quality and constantly enhance the ability of attracting talent, capital and projects. Second, we should make overall plans for projects. We should scientifically put forward the annual implementation plan for projects; we should analyze the construction content, scale of investment and schedule of each project and make solid preparation work like land report and regional environmental assessment report. We should strictly control the time node and organize construction in a scientific and reasonable way. We should comprehensively promote the construction of municipal facilities like trunk road, utility tunnel and ecological green space and public service facilities including education and medical care, in order to accelerate the formation of carrying capacity for industry and population. Third, we should further form the joint work force. We should give full play to the main functions and responsibilities of special groups, such as those responsible for the comprehensive coordination, planning and construction, attracting enterprises and investment, industry cultivation and land guarantee. We should implement the main responsibility for territorial government and strengthen the coordination between departments and municipal level and county level. We should fulfil our duties and make an effort to promote the formation of joint force of building the concentration development zone. Fourth, we should further strengthen the inspection and assessment. We should compare the annual tasks list and further improve the assessment methods and mechanism of rewards and punishments. We should strictly supervise and check them in order to ensure the effective and orderly construction of concentration development zone.

Municipal leaders including Yan Chao, Yuan Fang, Jing Dazhong, Sun Fuquan, Luo Meng, Dong Hong (director of management committee of hi-tech zone), and Tan Gang (secretary general of the municipal government attended the meeting (Ma Xinyou, Mianyang Daily)