Mianyang Drives the "Accelerated Growth" of Private Economy Through Supporting Big Enterprises and Invigorating Small Ones

Sichuan Xuebao Dairy Group is a provincial key leading enterprise of agriculture industrialization in Mianyang and boasts many domestic advanced production lines. It produces 120 thousand tons of dairy products and drinks annually and over 100 kinds of four major dairy products, including fresh milk, yogurt, modified milk and milk beverage. The enterprise has become the second largest milk processing enterprise of Sichuan and the largest modern dairy processing enterprise of Northwestern Sichuan through continuous innovative development. (Vision Mianyang, pictures)

(Mianyang News) Based on the stated objective of ¡°Mianyang¡¯s gross regional product this year exceeds 200 billion yuan¡±, the full-year goal for the development of Mianyang¡¯s private economy is also set, which is ¡°the total volume of private investment reaches 80 billion yuan and the private investment accounts for 56.5 percent of total social investment the year round.¡±. Since the beginning of this year, Mianyang¡¯s private economy has become a new driving force that fuels economic development by virtue of its fresh vitality and strong development momentum. Mianyang¡¯s private economy has developed in a fast yet steady manner, showing a sound momentum with its total volume steadily growing.

Mianyang upholds the principal of valuing big enterprises and supporting small ones as well as training excellence at the same time, speeding up the formation of enterprise groups with rational construction and optimized echelon, including leading enterprises, key enterprises and supporting enterprise. Mianyang¡¯s private economy has been improved considerably in terms of economic aggregate, social contribution, development level, competitive capacity and service level. In order to boost the development of enterprises, Mianyang introduced some policies, such as the ¡°Pilot Plan¡± for fostering Big Industrial Enterprises and Groups in Mianyang and The Notification About the Fiscal Policy to Conduct Fiscal and Financial Interaction and Support the Direct Financing of Enterprises. On this basis, Mianyang, based on the current development of its private economy, made and introduced other policies at the beginning of this year, including The Management Method of ¡°Green Card for Service¡± of Mianyang¡¯s Major Enterprises (trial implementation), according to its 13th Five-Year Plan. By doing so, Mianyang will further deepen the reforms to streamline administration, delegate powers, and improve regulation and services, optimize the internal and external environments for the development of enterprises so as to fully support the development and expansion of private economy.

Talents are the source of scientific and technological innovation, and scientific and technological innovation provides strong impetus for the development of private economy. Mianyang encourages private enterprises to increase their research input and accelerate to perfect the market-oriented technology innovation system that takes enterprises as the main body and combines production, teaching and research so as to improve the enterprises¡¯ capability of independent innovation and support the transformation and upgrading from ¡°made in Mianyang¡± to ¡°invented in Mianyang¡±. Since this year, Mianyang has strongly supported the scientific and technological innovation of private enterprises. In order to give strong support to the development of enterprises in Mianyang, it has prepared ten million yuan for scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, five million yuan for the research and development of applied technology, five million yuan for achievement transformation, six million yuan for subsidizing and awarding patent and one million yuan of a special fund for the demonstration base of the integration of national culture and science and technology.

Our reporters have known from the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology that Mianyang¡¯s total volume of private investment registered 56.7778 billion yuan and the added volume of private economy reached 91.811 billion yuan with an increase of 8.7 percent in the first three quarters of this year; the added volume of private industry amounted to 41.72357 billion yuan, up by 8.1 percent. The indexes of development and input all show that private economy has become an important force to promote the continuous, rapid and sound development of Mianyang¡¯s economy.

There is only over one month left by the end of this year and how should Mianyang to further push forward the development of private economy focusing on the goal of ¡°its GDP exceeds 200 billion yuan¡± during this period? ¡°We should foster not only ¡°towering trees¡± but also ¡°green grass¡±, which is a vivid portrayal of Mianyang¡¯s principal of ¡°mainly supporting big enterprises and invigorating small ones¡± for the development of private economy. In the following days, we will give full play to various exhibitions and paring activities to help enterprises solve the problem of market expanding and carry out supporting policies for local enterprises. We will also actively organize enterprises to participate in conventions and exhibitions so as to help them expand business opportunities, horizons and market,¡± said a relevant official from the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology. ¡°We should establish a new type of close and clean government-business relationship and strengthen the confidence to develop private enterprises.¡± According to a relevant director from the Municipal Association of Industry and Commerce, we will boost the innovative and entrepreneurial development of private enterprises, further consolidate services and advance ¡°the transfer of civil technology to military use¡±. We will also mobilize private enterprises to participate in the in-depth integration between military and civil and proactively enter into military industry as well as improve their enthusiasm and confidence in investment and development respectively in order to make contributions to the fulfillment of Mianyang¡¯s annual economic target. (Guo Xueruo, an all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)