Double 11, a Great Event for Mianyang E-commerce: Offline plus Online Selling Activates the "E-power" of Economic Development

Abstract: A cable and a computer connect buyers and sellers around the globe, ushering in a new era of Internet integration.

(Mianyang News) A cable and a computer connect buyers and sellers around the globe, ushering in a new era of Internet integration.

With the end of Double 11, Tmall achieved a total turnover of 168.2 billion yuan for the whole day and the E-commerce enterprises in Mianyang also got a piece of the action. On the day of the event, Mianyang achieved a record high of 1.239 billion yuan, numbering the second highest in the province, according to data.

Get insights through the bustle of the event. Mianyang¡¯s E-commerce has seen a strong rise while endeavoring to make breakthroughs and embracing ¡°Internet plus¡±, with the scope of businesses extending from offline to online and from cities to countryside. In recent years, Mianyang has been trying to create ¡°the E-commerce mall in West China¡±, to cultivate Internet-based selling brands, domestic E-business platforms, E-business agglomeration areas, and further promote the integrated development of E-commerce with agriculture, manufacturing and the tertiary industry, thus activating the ¡°e-power¡± of the city¡¯s economic development.

The E-commerce agglomeration effect should have its existence from offline to online

We have passed the old times believing that good wine needs no bush. Against the backdrop of convenient transportation, logistics and huge potential markets, how can Mianyang create an Internet miracle by relying on offline advantageous industries? Starting from top-level planning, Mianyang issued The Plan to Cultivate Mianyang E-commerce Agglomeration Area, which instructs counties, industrial parks to positively integrate resources and to speed up the construction of elements agglomeration, E-commerce industrial parks and industrial bases with different characteristics.

Fucheng District targets fresh food O2O and its supporting development, Santai county focuses on bringing the existence of E-commerce to rural areas, and the High-tech Zone focuses on cross-border E-commerce... Our city has provided counties, industrial parks with instructions to consider their own situations. Now four E-commerce industrial parks with different characteristics and displaced development trend, namely, the E-commerce Base of the Scientific Innovation Zone, the Agglomeration Area of Fucheng District, the E-commerce Valley of Youxian District, and the Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park of the High-tech Zone, have been constructed. Therefore, the city has formed an E-commerce industrial cluster development pattern, under which each industrial park with unique characteristics develops itself hand in hand in a displaced way.

E-commerce has been flying high with ¡°the wing of cloud¡± from cities to countryside.

In the era of ¡°Internet for all¡±, traditional enterprises in our city have chosen to transform and upgrade for a close touch of the ¡°e-era¡± pulse.

In the process of pushing the development of E-commerce forward, our city has been positively instructing and encouraging city shopping malls, wholesale markets, chain supermarkets, catering enterprises, industrial enterprises, agribusiness with unique characteristics to promote in-depth integration of E-commerce with agriculture, manufacturing and the tertiary industry by building platforms or using a third-party platform. By the end of last year, the E-commerce application rate of manufacturing enterprises above designated size reached 79.9% and the E-commerce application rate of tertiary enterprises above designated size even reached 100%.

While traditional enterprises chose to transform and upgrade for a close touch of the ¡°e-era¡± pulse, E-commerce in agricultural areas of Mianyang has also seen earthshaking changes. Last year, the E-commerce application rate of leading agriculture-industrialized enterprises above designated size reached 100% and great varieties of local products were sold to towns through the wing of the Internet. For example, in the great event of this year¡¯s Tmall ¡°Double 11¡±, the online-selling of Beichuan cured sausage ranked top 10 among the hottest goods sold on Tmall. 11 enterprises from Beichuan registered a total volume of 6.973 million yuan through their flagship stores on Tmall, Taobao and, up 284 percent year on year.

Through the achievements Beichuang E-commerce have made on Double 11, we can see that Mianyang has vigorously implemented the poverty-alleviation project through the platform of E-commerce. And a series of policies to support the development of E-commerce in agricultural areas have achieved great results.

Mianyang has been trying to create ¡°the E-commerce mall in West China¡±

China (Sichuan) E-commerce Development Summit has grown from a platform which provided simple contract signing to a platform for young E-commerce enterprises to exchange ideas and grown from a platform which merely focused on E-commerce tycoons to a platform which walks on the forefront of E-commerce development. Three years have seen that China (Sichuan) E-commerce Development Summit becomes one of the industrial events with the highest specification, the largest volume, the richest content and the best effect. What¡¯s more, it also has injected strong power in creating ¡°the E-commerce mall in West China¡±.

For the sake of the Summit, more than 400 enterprises in the field of electronic information, mechanical manufacturing and so on, have conducted resources matchmaking with Jingdong, Dangdang, Dalong and other 100 domestic well-known E-commerce platforms and enterprises, thus creating new modes of cooperation... In recent years, our city has promoted the development of modern service industry through E-commerce and ¡°Internet plus¡±, leading to a strong momentum in the development of E-commerce industry. In the first half of this year alone, the total volume of E-commerce in the city reached 144.422 billion yuan, an increase of 28.05% year on year, ranking the second highest in the whole province.

Mianyang boasts its time-honored tradition of scientific and technological innovation. E-commerce has now become a ¡°masterpiece¡± from developing new economy of the city and will bring infinite possibilities to the future.

(Guo Ruoxue, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)