The Investigating Group of the Standardization Administration of China Comes to Mianyang to Investigate the Standardization of Military-Civilian Integration

(Miangyang News) Yu Xinli, deputy director of the Standardization Administration of China, led a group consisting of officials from the Central Committee Office of Military-Civilian Integration Development and experts from the Aviation Industry Corporation of China arrived in Mianyang on November 14 to investigate MianyangĄ¯s standardization of military-civilian integration on the spot. Yan Chao, member of the Municipal Standing Committee and vice mayor, introduced relevant conditions.

The investigating group went to Changhong, Jiuzhou and the trading center of national dual-use technology one after another. The group members made field investigations in these places focusing on important issues, including the existing management system, operation system and requirements for integration of national standardized military-civilian integration as well as the coordinated construction of military-civilian standard system. They also listened to MianyangĄ¯s work report. The group affirmed MianyangĄ¯s thought and measures to promote the development and standardization of military-civilian integration. It pointed out that Mianyang, the only Sci-Tech City authorized by China, is an important production base of national defense and military industry as well as scientific research of China and boasts obvious advantages in military industry. Recent years have witnessed the clear thinking and effective measures in the construction of Sci-Tech City, the remarkable achievements of the development and standardization of military-civilian integration and the increasing improvement of the brand influence of Sci-Tech City. The group stated that the Standardization Administration of China will continue to give tremendous support to the construction of Sci-Tech City and inject strong impetus into MianyangĄ¯s economic development. It hopes Mianyang will further perfect the standardized operation mechanism and strengthen the standardized talent team construction of enterprises. Besides, it also hopes Mianyang will constantly enhance its capability of independent innovation and improve its service quality in an all-round way through giving play to standardized technical support so as to make new contributions to the exploration of the in-depth development of military-civilian integration. (Deng Xuelin, an all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)