The Project of Utility Tunnel and Civil Road Construction in the Key Area of Concentration Development Zone of Mianyang Sci-Tech City Is Officially Signed

Signing ceremony of project of utility tunnel and civil road construction in the key area of concentration development zone of Mianyang Sci-tech City was held on Nov.3. Liu Chao, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee and mayor of Mianyang, and Ye Haowen, assistant general manager of China State Construction Co., Ltd and president of China Construction Technology Co., Ltd, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

Liu Chao said that the whole nation is learning and implementing the guideline of 19th CPC National Congress and building socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Area. On this occasion, the successful signing of the projects of utility tunnel and civil road construction in the key area of concentration development zone of Mianyang Sci-tech City symbolizes that the cooperation between Mianyang government and social capital, as well as large-scale state-owned enterprises, has been deepened. It also marks the development of the concentration development zone in Mianyang Sci-tech City has moved into a new stage, which is of relevant and profound significance. Concentration development zone is regarded as a key battlefield for the development of national Sci-tech City and a major platform for the development of Mianyang¡¯s industries. In recent years, we have earnestly carried out the arrangements and decisions made by Party Central Committee, State Council and provincial party committee and government; we especially put the guideline of Central City Work Conference into action. Under the guidance of advanced ideas at home and abroad, we insist on pushing ahead with high-level planning and high-quality construction in concentration development zone of Mianyang Sci-tech City. We endeavor to build a Sci-tech City with beautiful scenery, competitive strength in science and Mianyang¡¯s characteristics. Therefore, progress has also been made in work covering all areas.

Liu Chao pointed out that this project is of great significance to modernize infrastructure facilities, enhance comprehensive capacity and maintain sustainable development in the area. We hope that both parties should intensify efforts to accelerate the project¡¯s construction progress based on the principles of sincere cooperative attitude, complementary advantages and win-win results. We will work out to put the project into operation as soon as possible. Mianyang municipal party committee and government will create a favorable environment and provide good service for better implementing projects. We expect to see that we, taking this cooperation as a starting point, can broaden, enrich and elevate cooperation with China State Construction, so as to deliver more solid results. In this way can we jointly open a new chapter for the development and prosperity of national sci-tech city and enterprises.

Ye Haowen said that in recent years, Mianyang has paid much attention to the development of the new type of urbanization and prefabricated construction, highly conforming to our development direction of promoting green, smart and prefabricated construction. China State Construction will strictly carry out cooperation contents, work to improve the construction quality. Meanwhile, double efforts will be made to speed up the progress of the projects, trying to make the projects start earlier, complete earlier and put into operation earlier and become the demonstration, leading and outstanding construction model across the nation. Taking this opportunity, China State Construction will seek wider cooperative fields, and conduct in-depth cooperation with Mianyang government in such areas as scientific innovation in construction industry, planning and construction of smart city, and green construction as well as prefabricated construction, thereby making great contributions to promote the development of national sci-tech city.

In the ceremony, Ye Haowen, together with Yuan Fang, member of the standing committee of the municipal committee of the CPC, deputy secretary of the CPC committee of the Sci-tech City, deputy director of the administrative committee and the secretary of the municipal Party committee in SASAC, and Jiang Daiming, president of Mianyang Sci-tech City development and investment (group) Co. Ltd, signed the cooperation contract on behalf of each side.

It is known that this project will take the mode of PPP plus EPCO. The 33.65 km utility tunnel construction and the 33.02 km road construction, with the total investment of 8.127 billion yuan, is the symbolic construction project of infrastructure in concentration development zone. This project has been the largest PPP project in Sichuan province so far and also tops the country in terms of its scale.

Yan Chao, standing committee of municipal CPC committee and deputy mayor of Mianyang, hosted the signing ceremony. Deputy Mayor of Jing Dazhong and Luo Meng, together with Dong Hong, director of administrative committee in hi-tech zone, and Tan Gang, secretary-general of municipal government, as well as relevant principals in China Construction Science and Technology, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau, and China Construction Underground Space Company, attended the signing ceremony. (Reporter Li Zhihao, Mianyang Daily)