Mianyang Builds the First Industrialization Base for Modern Service Industry in Sichuan Province

(Mianyang News) Recently, the demonstration base of Chinese (Mianyang) Science and Technology City military-civilian integration intelligent manufacturing, located in Youxian District, was identified by Sichuan Science and Technology Department as Sichuan Miayang military-civilian integration intelligent manuafacturing industrialization base for modern service industry. This marks the base become the province's first industrialization base for modern service industry.

According to reports, the base is jointly set up by the municiple Intellectual Property Office of Science and Technology, Youxian district government, Sichuan Zhongwu Technology Joint-stock Company Ltd. with the construction area of 8,300 square meters. The base adopts the building model of "government guidance, enterprise as the main body, opening and cooperation, market operation". It upholds the development philosophy of taking the technology innovation service as the main body and the entrepreneurship incubation service and technology financial service as the supplement. Taking the market demand as the traction force, it focuses on promoting the innovation and entrepreneurship, intelligent manufacturing and related industrial development in Youxian district. It will rely on the brand and resources of CAEP and aim at incubating the industrialization of intelligent manufacturing and robotic application technology to meet the demands of collaborative innovation services, engineering services, project incubation and other needs. It will establish high-end technology service development mode and continue to promote the agglomeration and development of Mianyang's intelligent manufacturing industrialization through opening cooperation and integration of resources. The base will further integrate the government, enterprises, markets, capital and talent resources and enhance social impact and demonstration effect in order to explore the military-civilian integration collaborative innovation development model integrating the government, industry, university and research. (Deng Xuelin, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daliy)