The Online Trading Volume of Mianyang¡¯s Major E-Commerce Enterprises Exceeds 1.2 Billion Yuan on "Double 11"

After ¡°double 11¡±, express delivery companies usher in logistics peak. (photo by Pu Tao, a reporter)

(Mianyang News) The ¡°double 11¡± initiated a national revelry by means of ¡°internet plus era extravaganza¡±. It is also a valuable marketing carnival for e-commerce platforms and enterprises ¡°Made in Mianyang¡±. Our reporters knew from the Municipal E-Commerce Center on November 12 that the online trading volume of 34 local e-commerce platforms and enterprises mainly monitored by Mianyang totaled 1.239 billion yuan on ¡°double 11¡±.

On ¡°double 11¡±, Sichuan Zhiyijia Network Technology Co., Ltd. realized a total online trading volume of 1 billion yuan, an increase of 49 percent over the previous year; Santai Zizhou Cloud Business E-Commerce Service Co., Ltd. received 13.74 million yuan, up by 23.6 percent compared with last month; Sichuan Junhao E-Commerce Co., Ltd. earned 61.14 million yuan, two times more than that of last month. All of these gratifying fruits reveal the unwearied innovation and efforts of local e-commerce enterprises and platforms in Mianyang.

¡°We started gearing up for ¡°double 11¡± at an early time and engaged in different aspects, including product planning, discussion among platforms, logistics guarantee, customer service training and peripheral advertising, so as to win the market advantages actively,¡± said Zhang Fuyou, a director from Sichuan Zhiyijia Network Technology Co., Ltd.

In Sichuan Junhao E-Commerce Co., Ltd. located in the second phase of the Innovation Center of Sci-Tech City, the e-commerce battle officially began as the clock struck twelve for ¡°double 11¡± and then all staff members naturally adjusted themselves from making preparations to working in high spirit. According to real-time monitoring data, the online trading volume reached 100 million yuan at 4 minutes and 6 seconds past twelve, 200 million yuan at 15 minutes and 38 seconds past twelve and 300 million yuan at 59 minutes and 19 seconds past twelve. The online trading volume amounted to 500 million yuan at 2:27 pm on ¡°double 11¡±. The stocks in some regions of 15 sub-brands of household appliance were empty, leaving logistics and delivery companies terribly busy. Facing the overall ¡°running out of stock¡± of this year¡¯s ¡°double 11¡±, Sun Junyun, general manager of the company, couldn¡¯t help himself but say, ¡°We owe all these delightful results to our series of special offers planned in advance, such as ¡°price reduce and free of cost at a certain volume, discount coupon and flash sale¡±. Besides, we also applied big screen that can update data in real time to monitor the sales of various regional platforms and then adjusted sales strategies in time according to statistics.¡±

¡°Up to date, Mianyang has boasted more than 4,000 e-commerce enterprises and 54 e-commerce platforms. We mainly monitor 34 platforms and enterprises.¡± A related director from the Municipal E-Commerce Center states that the local e-commerce platforms and enterprises in Mianyang interest consumers by means of early plans, elaborately-designed marking programs, interaction and advertisement in order to meet the challenge of ¡°double 11¡± according to monitoring results. As a result, Mianyang¡¯s e-commerce industry overwhelmingly won out and achieved high sales, making the online trading volume of ¡°double 11¡± reach a new record high.

It¡¯s known that Mianyang is deeply pushing forward the integrative development between e-commerce and primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry respectively through setting up network sale brands and local e-commerce platforms and fostering e-commerce clusters. It aims to further improve the influence, popularity and reputation of e-commerce platforms and enterprises ¡°Made in Mianyang¡±. Mianyang has developed local special brands with high quality via the interactive development between cities and counties, including Jiangyou Noodle with Feng Style, Sichuan Old Flavour and Beischuan Tea. What¡¯s more, Mianyang, following the guideline of diversified competition and dislocation development, has also established 4 e-commerce industrial parks, 9 county-level e-commerce operation service centers and 1,003 village-level e-commerce service network stations by gathering production factors and adjusting measures to local conditions, advancing Mianyang brand to all corners of China with the help of ¡°Internet Plus¡±. (Xie Yan, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)