The Industrial and Economic Operation Analysis Meeting of the 4th Quarter Is Held in Mianyang

(Mianyang News) The Industrial and Economic Operation Analysis Meeting of 4th quarter was held in Mianyang on November 2. At the meeting we summed up the economic operation in the first three quarters, and made a work plan for the 4th quarter, aiming at securing steady growth and accomplishing this year¡¯s goals. Yuan Fang, member of standing committee of municipal party committee, deputy secretary of CPC Working Committee in Sci-tech City, executive vice-director of management committee, and secretary of the Party Committee in State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Mianyang¡¯s economy has achieved overall steady growth since this year. In the first three quarter, the large-scale industrial value-added has risen by 9.6%, 1.3% higher than the provincial average. Besides, there have been 35,413 billion yuan invested in industry, with an year-on-year growth of 26.4%, and 32,776 billion yuan invested in technology improvement, with an year-on-year growth of 23.5%.

Yuan Fang pointed out that the 4th quarter is a decisive stage for accomplishing this year¡¯s goals. Departments in all areas must have a clear picture of the situation, make a judgment based on scientific analysis and strengthen the awareness of crisis and urgency for speeding up industrial development. We should focus on real problems, and pay attention to the weak parts and then take targeted measures to solve them. We should work to ensure responsibilities are fulfilled, that all works are carried out to coordinate the current work with 19th CPC National Committee¡¯s guideline. In this way can we try our best to ensure this year¡¯s goals will be achieved.

Yuan Fang required that we should attach great importance to project construction with specific goals, and further promote the ¡°Project Year¡± initiative. In the 4th quarter of the year, we need to keep an eye on the starting, construction and operation of the projects, speed up the progress of projects and enhance momentum of industrial growth for future development. We should endeavor to give priority to the development of key industries and key enterprises; governments at all levels should take targeted measures and policies towards key enterprises based on their distribution features in the areas and deep analysis on their development in the first three quarters. The policy of ¡°One enterprise, one policy¡± will ensure the acceleration of the progress and measure¡¯s efficiency. Furthermore, we should consolidate service guarantee, making sure that 43 key enterprises enjoy ¡°Green Service Card¡± system and Nine Measures to Improve service for Industrial Enterprises is implemented. We should establish and improve long-term mechanism for offering enterprises services. According to the principle of ¡°ensuring steady gas supply, storing coal, protecting electricity and attracting investment¡±, we should intensify guarantee towards all enterprises¡¯ factors, and ensure that industrial economy will achieve steady and sound development in Mianyang.