Fu Kang Carries Out Investigation and Research on the Key Enterprises and Projects

(Mianyang News) On November 2, Fu Kang, deputy secretary of municipal party committee led leaders from municipal development and reform commission, the municipal commission of economy and information technology, the municipal bureau of land and resources and Mianyang municipal office, SAT and other departments to the key projects and enterprises such as  YEMA, Tongxin Copper Co, Ltd., Jinxunhuan and ZKXA. They carried out the on-site investigation and research on the development of enterprises and projects in a detailed way, solving the difficulties and problems faced by the enterprises or projects in the course of development.

In the Mianyang Automobile Manufacturing Co. of Sichuan auto industry Co., Ltd in high-tech zone, Fu Kang carried out on-site survey of the construction of YEMA's "new energy and traditional energy passenger cars (phase II) production project", visited the production lines and gained a detailed understanding of the automobile's production process and production and operation of YEMA. After listening to the relevant reports, Fukang Kang fully affirmed the achievements made by YEMA in the development and management, enterprise strategic layout and other fields. He stressed that the automotive industry is one of the eight major industries in Mianyang; new energy vehicle is an important growth point of promoting the future economic development of our city. He hoped that the enterprises should accelerate the transformation and upgrading, enhance the quality and brand, improve the supporting industries and make headways in both the complete vehicle manufacturing and supporting production of parts. They should seize the commanding point of industry, enhance the market competitiveness and make positive contributions to further strengthening the Mianyang automobile industry.

When visiting the Tongxin Copper Co. Ltd in Youxian District of Mianyang, Fu Kang watched the propaganda film of the Copper Co. Ltd and Jinxunhuan Metal Co., Ltd and carried out the on-site investigation and research on the producing workshops and warehouse workshops of these two enterprises. Fu Kang pointed out that the enterprises should unswervingly focus on its development goal, give full play to their own advantages, actively seek for high-quality strategic partners and try to solve the financial problems encountered in the current development in multi-channel ways. They should strive to enhance research and development capabilities, make efforts in the deep processing, increase the amount and improve efficiency as soon as possible, making greater contributions to the economic and social development in Youxian District of Mianyang. In the ZKXA Co., Ltd, Fu Kang visited the the newly-bulit modern production workshop and listened to the report of project promotion. He pointed out that enterprises should seize opportunities, take the initiative to speed up the progress of project implementation, actively build characteristic brands and be the top in the industry.

Liu Chao pointed out that the report of the Party's 19th National Congress makes it clear that: " In developing a modernized economy, we must focus on the real economy". The real economy represented by manufacturing industry is an important cornerstone for scientific development and accelerating development of Mianyang. Relevant departments at all levels should further provide more helps for key enterprises, accelerate the project promotion and actively help solve difficulties and problems encountered in promoting the development of enterprises and projects. They should fully implement the relevant supporting policies and try their best to do service work and create the favorable environment for the development of enterprises. They should promote the key enterprises to become bigger and stronger, the key project putting into operation as soon as possible. (Zhao Ye, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)