46 Enterprises From Mianyang Attend the 122th Canton Fair

(Mianyang News) The reporter learned from the municipal bureau of commerce that 11 foreign trade enterprises attended the 122th China Import and Export Fair (abbreviated as Canton Fair) in Guangzhou. They include Changhong, Jiuzhou and Guangxin import & export company.Among them, two enterprises in Beichuan and Pingwu were invited to participate in the fair as representatives of the poor counties, and free booths were set up.

It is understood that the exhibition area of this Canton Fair is 1.185 million square meters. It would be held in three phases with more than 160,000 kinds of goods being exhibited. The phase I exhibition focuses on the exhibition of home appliance, hardware, chemical industry, machinery, lighting and other commodities. Seven enterprises from Mianyang attended it, including Changhong, Jiuzhou, Guang Xin import and export company and Puluokema trading company.In Canton Fair, the self-owned brand and products of enterprises in Mianyang are welcomed and recognized by foreign businessmen, with exhibitors streaming towards the booths. According to incomplete statistics, since the opening of the Canton Fair, the exhibitors from Mianyang have achieved an intentional turnover of more than 30 million US dollars. The purchase orders come from a large number of countries, such as US, Japan, Australia, Italy, France, India, Brazil, Malaysia and other countries and regions.

It is understood that Canton Fair, as the most important import and export trade event in China has been held twice a year since 1957. With 60 years of history, it has successfully held 122 sessions. It is the world's largest single exhibition, as well as the best platform for Chinese enterprises to develop the international market. (Yang Wanshou, Xie Yan, all media reporters from Mianyang Daily)