Liu Chao Leads His Team to Inspect 360 Company in Beijing

(Mianyang News) (Beijing) After having talks and reaching a series of cooperation consensus with seniors of 360 Company during China (Mianyang) E-Commerce Development Summit, Liu Chao, mayor and deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, led his team to inspect 360 in Beijing on October 31 and to have a discussion with Zhou Hongyi, founder, chairman and CEO of 360, and Qi Xiangdong, founder and chairman of 360 Enterprise Security Group.

At 360, Liu Chao and his team inspected the industrial control system security lab and 360 network security response center, where they minutely knew about the industrial network security solution of 360 and the operation of the perception platform for network security situation. Up to date, 360 has become a leading brand for network security beyond controversy with 600 million PC end users and 800 million mobile end users as well as series of products that are highly acclaimed by users, including 360 security guardian, 360 antivirus, 360 security browser and 360 phone guardian.

During the inspection, Liu Chao commended the pragmatic attitude of seniors of 360 towards the active promotion of their cooperation with Mianyang. He pointed out that 360, the pioneer of ¡°free security¡± for internet, has grown into an internet security enterprise with the largest user scale in China, a hi-tech enterprise and a military-civilian integration enterprise through its innovations in product technology, user experience and business model. With its distinct advantages in scientific and technological resources, cost of investment, talent resources, market demand and associated industries, Mianyang enjoys unique characteristics and advantages and boasts a good development foundation and a giant potential for future development. Since 360¡¯s strategic positioning and main direction of struggle are highly consistent with Mianyang¡¯s national mission and industrial foundation, they have huge potential and broad prospect for cooperation. He sincerely hopes that these two parties can strengthen communication, conduct effective alignment through this inspection so as to push forward the transformation of common consensus to practical fruits with concerted efforts and work together to open a new chapter of promoting pragmatic cooperation and realizing mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between two sides.

Liu said that we can¡¯t ensure national security without network security; security is the premise of development and development is the guarantee of security. At present, Mianyang is carefully learning and implementing the spirit of the Party¡¯s 19th National Congress, firmly carrying out the development strategy of military-civilian integration, making a big push to develop information security industry and speeding up the in-depth development of military-civilian integration. It aims to build the Sci-Tech City of Mianyang into a test field with innovation-driven development, a bellwether of military-civilian integration innovation and a growth pole of western region¡¯s development. He sincerely hopes that 360 would view Mianyang as an important and comprehensive base in its strategic layout, arrange a group of major projects focusing on manufacturing, establish a complete industrial chain that incorporates R&D and design, production and manufacturing as well as operation maintenance, and work hard to create information security industrial clusters. He also heartily expects that 360 would proactively participate in the construction of a safe and smart Mianyang by taking advantage of technologies and management so as to continuously improve the safety index of Mianyang as a smart city and strive to form reproducible and propagable solutions and business models. He warmly welcomes 360 to cooperate with institutions of higher learning, such as Southwest University of Science and Technology, jointly building safety training base and safety operation center to systematically foster talents in network security and military-civilian integration; he welcomes 360 to cooperate with scientific research institutions of national defense in Mianyang, including China Academy of Engineering Physics to set up joint venture companies featuring military-civilian integration in information security together. These companies will offer products, technologies and services to war industries and put into practice our great vision of military-civilian integration with common efforts.

According to Zhou Hongyi, Mianyang, the only Sci-Tech City in China as well as a city where comprehensive innovation reform experiments are systematically pushed forward by the nation, takes up a significant and unique position in national development. 360 thinks highly of Mianyang¡¯s development prospect and investment potential and will form a team to further strengthen its communication and alignment with Mianyang with an aim to accelerate the early implementation of cooperative projects in Mianyang and make active contributions to the construction of China¡¯s Sci-Tech City and the in-depth development of military-civilian integration.

Dai Shaoquan, deputy director general of the Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, Han Shengjian, vice mayor, and Wu Yunkun, president of 360 Enterprise Security Group, attended the inspection and discussion. (Ma Xinyou, an all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)