Mianyang Goes All Out to Build the Diversified Social Pension Service System

Improving service network to support social forces

(Mianyang News) (Yan Yin, Reporter: Yuan Yuan) Using the ˇ°one-buttonˇ± mobile phone terminal to dial 12349, the aged can obtain a lot of services, including emergency aid, home care, daily care, housekeeping services, and information data. In Mianyang, with the 12349 home care service information platform, more than 10 million old people can enjoy the high-quality pension service through the ˇ°Internet + Pensionˇ± mode.

In recent years, our city has fully opened up the service market for the aged, pushed forward the reform of the pension service industry with the idea of project and industrialization, and accelerated the construction of a multi-layered and diversified social pension service system. With the 12349 home care service information platform as a link, our city has steadily pushed forward the pilot work of home and community care services, integrating the existing information resources for the aged, and building a pension service network. At present, the platform has built seven county-level platforms and a pilot township-level platform to achieve the four-level pension service information management, namely, city, county, town and village. The platform has nearly 1,000 franchisee, annually serving more than 100,000 elderly.

Our city has also encouraged social forces to enter the field of home and community pension services, encouraged professional social organizations to operate day care centers and other places for the aged through public and private channels, and encouraged eligible day care centers to expand services, forming a pattern of home service, day care and institutional services for the aged. We give full play to its advantages such as small scale, high flexibility and proximity to provide professional, personalized and convenient services for the elderly. At present, 21 day care centers in the city have been operated by social forces, and an operating subsidy of 600,000 yuan has been allocated to 12 day care centers in the form of rewards and subsidies.

In addition, taking the opportunity of carrying out the pilot project of rural old-age service system construction, our city has taken the initiative to find ways to actively construct the rural old-age service system. It has formulated and promulgated the Implementation Plan of Pilot Project for Rural Pension Service System in Mianyang and made the pilot work performance evaluation solutions and fund management measures. Previously, 32 rural regional old-age service centers have been established; the underpinning measures of the old-age service have been further improved to realize the gradual expansion of rural old-age service to all the local elderly; the rural medical security has been improved; the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents and rural old-age service have been organically integrated; and the high-quality medical and health resources have been extended to the countryside. By doing so, the full coverage of medical services has been achieved.