Mianyang Carries out 19 Special Treatments to Severely Punish Dishonesty

Improve the integrity of the whole society by governing the lack of credibility

Fly column sign: Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, China has accelerated the construction of social credit system and made a breakthrough in the institutionalization of credit construction. However, the cost of dishonesty is still low and the sense of integrity and the spirit of market contract still need to be improved. It has become the consensus of the whole society to establish a credit reporting system covering the whole society and to improve the credit commendation mechanism and punishment mechanism for breaking the law and breaking the promise. In accordance with the arrangement of the Central and Provincial Civilization Committees, our city will concentrate on tackling the outstanding problem of lack of honesty and credit, which is strongly reflected by the masses and generally concerned by the society. Mianyang will constantly improve the level of honesty and credit of the whole society. From today on, Mianyang Daily will open a column of ¡°the Path to Build Social Honesty and Credit¡± to report on the special action of honesty and credit deficiency management. Please pay attention to it.

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Huang Xiaoqin) Recently, the Municipal Committee for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization has issued the division of responsibilities of Mianyang city in carrying out The Work Programme on the Centralized Management of the Outstanding Problems of Lack of Honesty and Credit and Improving the Integrity Level of the Whole Society. The division of responsibilities of relevant departments has been made clear. This will aim at the lack of honesty and credit that the people are generally concerned about and the lack of credibility in the economic and social fields, by operating 19 special treatments.

Nineteen special treatments have been carried out to tackle the key problems of dishonesty in the economic and social fields, including the special treatment of telecom network fraud, special treatment of false information and rumors on the Internet, special treatment of dishonesty in the financial field, special treatment of Internet financial risks, special treatment of dishonesty in the ecological environment protection and poverty alleviation, special treatment of credit problems, special treatment of undocumented practice of medicine and illegal medical problems, special treatment of drug problems, special treatment of wage arrears, special treatment of ¡°unreasonable low-price travel¡±, tax evasion, tax fraud and fake invoice, special treatment of court decision without implementation, special treatment of transportation dishonesty, special treatment of fraud on paper sand cheating in exams, special treatment of insurance fraud, special treatment of illegal social organizations, special treatment of charitable donations and dishonesty, special treatment of fraudulent publicity and speculation in the commercial performance market, special treatment of fraudulent lottery, and special treatment of doping.

According to the division of responsibilities, the leading units and participating units are defined in each special treatment work and specific measures are put forward to ensure the implementation and effectiveness. Members of the Municipal Civilization Commission and local civilizations offices coordinate the implementation of the work programme; members of the leading group of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal People's Bank coordinate the construction of the city's social credit system, and jointly grasp the implementation of the work programme; each leading unit studies and formulates work rules, lists specific measures and time progress to ensure the implementation of various initiatives. The measures have achieved periodic results in a short period of time; all participating units actively support and cooperate with the leading units to carry out their work; local civilizations committees timely study and formulate local implementation measures to bring the work measures to the grassroots level in urban and rural areas.

While concentrating on 19 special treatments, our city will deepen the institutionalization of honesty and credit construction. In view of the problems of the lack of honesty and credit that the people are generally concerned about and the outstanding problems of dishonesty in the economic and social fields, we will strengthen the propaganda and education of honesty and credit, strengthen the construction of credit system, seriously investigate and punish dishonest acts, construct a credit joint reward and punishment linkage mechanism and create a social environment in which we dare not break faith, cannot break faith and do not break faith. It will form a good style of emphasizing honesty, credibility and keeping promises.

Our city will speed up the construction of the social credit system, comprehensively establish credit records in various fields, establish a credit information network covering the whole society and improve the credit information publicity mechanism. We will establish a credit joint reward and punishment linkage mechanism, establish and improve the red and black list and public credit evaluation system for credit, give full play to the guiding and deterrent power of the trustworthy joint incentive and the joint punishment for breaking faith, encourage the breaking faith subject to speed up the rectification and repair of credit and guide the whole society to praise and punish the breaking faith.

Our city will strengthen the propaganda and education of honesty and credit and organize and carry out the propaganda with the theme of ¡°the Path to Build Social Honesty and Credit¡±. We will strengthen the education of honesty and credit concept and risk awareness, carry out the practical activities of honesty and credit theme and study and publicize the model of honesty and trustworthiness. We will publicize and issue the ¡°star of honesty and credit¡± and carry out the propaganda of honesty and credit. We will take the construction of good faith as an important part of the mass spiritual civilization building activities, integrate the requirements of good faith into social norms, and guide people to internalize the value of good faith in the heart and externalize in practice.

In accordance with the work requirements of the Central and Provincial Civilization Committees, the Municipal Civilization Committee will regularly inspect and assess the implementation of the situation in various places, publicizing and displaying the good work and units. Regarding the places or units where the work is not propelled properly or where serious breaches of faith occur within their jurisdiction and have caused adverse social effects, we will interview their leading comrades in charge, order them to rectify within a specified period of time. We will report criticisms in the media and seriously investigate and hold accountable those suspected of violating the law and discipline.