Mianyang and China Cyber Security Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

(Mianyang News) On September 4, Mianyang signed The Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Electronics Technology Cyber Security Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Cyber Security). Sun Fuquan, vice mayor, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech.

According to the agreement, the two sides will cooperate in mobile Internet security, Internet of Things security, artificial intelligence, big data security, industrial control security and cloud computing security to jointly promote the rapid and steady development of the national cyber security industry and to fuel the military-civil integration in China Science and Technology City. China Cyber Security will take this opportunity to cooperate with Southwest University of Science and Technology and Sichuan Falcon Technology Co., Ltd., and to jointly establish the Mianyang Sub-center of National Defense Science and Technology Cyber Security Innovation Center and the Mianyang Branch of Sichuan Cyberspace Security Key Laboratory in the Science and Technology Business Park.

Sun Fuquan said that Mianyang signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Cyber Security to strengthen bilateral cooperation in cyber information security. It is hoped that the agreement will gather technologies, talent resources and projects from different companies, contribute to the transformation and industrialization of China¡¯s cyber security achievements in Mianyang, and promote the rapid development of the military-civil integration industry in Mianyang. It is also hoped that the two sides will take the signing of the agreement as a new starting point to deepen exchanges and cooperation, to continuously expand the scope and scale of cooperation, and to achieve mutual benefit and common development at a higher level.

Qing Yu, deputy general manager of China Cyber Security, introduced the development background, main functions and business direction of the company. She said that China Cyber Security will give full play to the role of being the leading information security enterprise so as to aggregate information security resources of the group and society. By working together with Mianyang in cyber information security technology, product services and other fields, they will jointly promote the development of the information security industry. (All-medial reporter from Mianyang Daily: Wang Bo, Yuan Yuan, Yang Renping)

Editor: Li Zhi