Mianyang Strives to Promote the Construction of "Smart Service"Administrative Service System

Providing administrative services for the public in 15 minutes

(Mianyang News) (Reporter Xie Yan) Recently, our reporter learned that Mianyang is striving to establish the social and human resources brand service with smart services and friendly environment. Mianyanghas implemented six integrated principles on platform standards and promoted coordination and connection between services to improve efficiency. It helps Mianyang implement integrated service, data sharing and information sharing to provide professional and convenient services for the public to establish an administrative service system with smart service.

Mianyang will strive to establish the smart service administration service system from the following aspects. Firstly, in terms of the platform standardization, Mianyang has implemented six principles on the platform standard that is, making the name of the institution, places, signs, services, procedures and service standards consistent. According to the principle that more powers should be delegated to lower-level if neccesary and the requirement that office at lower level will be able to handle the administrative services, Mianyang will consider all the administrative services delegated to lower-level and functions and equipments to provide administrative services within 15 minutes for the public and provide social and human resources services for people nearby. The Bureau of Social Security and Human Resources will provide more support for offices and industrial parks at the county level with financial support and equipment.

In the aspect of basic information service, the service mode of ¡°five connections¡± is implemented, namely 12333 service hotline, and social security card service, administrative service (all in one net online), human resources service (service will be provided one single time) and all in one net (services will be provided regardless of different regions in the city). Mianyang will focus on integrated construction of an information system and integration and sharing of information to establish public service information platform based on the principle of building the platform, connection the system and data sharing.

In terms of coordination of mechanisms, Mianyang will carry out a comprehensive management of business and will implement non-discriminatory acceptance of people¡¯s social services, so as to realize ¡°the division of front and back offices, separation of receiving and processing, separation of management and consultation, intelligent assignment of tasks, visibility of the entire business process, global control of risks, and evaluability of service performance¡±. According to the concept of ¡°social service as a whole¡±, the service will be based on the comprehensive social security teller system, bringing employment and talents into the scope of implementation and gradually expanding to more service areas. Administrative services, numbers, systems and personnel are to be handled in the office without discrimination.

In terms of behavior specialization, Mianyang will improve the efficiency of the administrative services. With the principle of ¡°standardization, training, supervision and evaluation¡±, Mianyang will establish and improve the unified service standards for industry windows at the municipal and county levels, and implement in depth the ¡°personnel and social cadre competency enhancement plan¡±. Mianyang will continue to deepen the construction of a political and ethical year, continuously strengthen assessment and evaluation to promote leadership, firmly promote the transformation of the city¡¯s systematic style of work, and continuously improve profession in public services.