China GNSS and LBS Annual the Seventh Conference Will Be Held in Mianyang

To deepen the BDS application and to promote the industrial development

China GNSS and LBS Annual the Seventh Conference & China BDS Application Forum will be held in Mianyang

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Guo Ruoxue) On August 9, our reporter learned from the Office of the Organizing Committee of the Science and Technology Fair that China GNSS and LBS Annual the Seventh Conference & China BDS Application Forum will be held in Mianyang as one of the activities of the 6th China Science and Technology Fair. During the conference, the technical application and exchanges of satellite systems such as navigation, remote sensing and communications will be comprehensively carried out to promote the rapid development of the BDS industry, to promote the upgrading of the industrial structure, to expand new application areas and to foster new market demands.

China GNSS and LBS Annual the Seventh Conference is the most representative annual industrial event with large scale, high level and wide rangein the industry. With the theme of ¡°Deepening the BDS Application to Promote the Industrial Development¡±, the conference includes the following activities: the opening ceremony of the annual meeting, the party named ¡°Mianyang Beidou Night¡±, the annual meeting of GNSS & LBS Association of China, the second board meeting, the Beidou orientating cross-country race and other activities, as well as 10 professional sub-forums. At that time, more than 10 academicians and experts will be present to discuss new technologies, new applications and new trends of the BDS industrial development, to promote the match making cooperation of industrial projects, and to enhance the transformation of military-civil integration scientific and technological achievements.

It is known that at the 5th Science and Technology Fair held last year, 21 BDS industrial chain enterprises such as ComNav Technology Ltd., Haige Beidou and HWA Creation Technology Co., Ltd. brought the latest high-tech products to Mianyang to conduct business matchmaking negotiations and to promote industrial cooperation. The Municipal Economic and Information Committee issued Mianyang¡¯s Development Plan for Beidou Satellite Navigation Industry at Beidou Satellite Navigation Industry Military-civil Integration Innovation and Development Forum. It proposed to create 30 billion yuan of output value by 2020, to pool 100 enterprises and to cultivate 3 to 5 leading enterprises in Mianyang, and to make Mianyang the center of Beidou industry agglomeration which boasts the first place in the southwest and the first class in China and in the world. To promote the rapid development of Mianyang and Sichuan Beidou satellite navigation industry, the 6th China Science and Technology Fair sets up the BDS Technology Application Pavilion for the first time. It will invite 80 to 100 Beidou satellite navigation industry chain enterprises to participate. The high-tech exhibits and scientific research results of BDS will be presented at the Fair.