Meeting on Preparation Work for the 6th China (Mianyang) International Hi-Tech Expo Held in Mianyang

Working together as a team to ensure the success of the Expo

Peng Yuxing, Zhu Jiade, Yuan Fang and Fu Kang, attended the meeting

(Reporter: Liu Xin) On July 23, Vice Governor, Peng Yuxing, presided over a meeting on the preparation work for the 6th China (Mianyang) International Hi-Tech Expo and made plans for the preparation. Deputy secretary general of the provincial government, Zhu Jiade, attended the meeting. Deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and the acting mayor, Yuan Fang, introduced the preparation work. Deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, Fu Kang, attended the meeting.

After listening to preparation plan for the Expo, Peng Yuxing acknowledged the preparations made by Mianyang. Peng said that as one of the three major exhibitions in Sichuan province, the Expo has won the honor of ˇ°National Top Ten Brand Exhibitionsˇ± for three consecutive years and has become an important platform for opening up and cooperation for Sichuan and our country. We should study and implement the important speeches delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping when he visited Sichuan, the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Provincial Party Committee, and enhance our sense of responsibilities for the preparations for the Expo. Relevant departments should coordinate with each other to have a detailed plan and work hard to organize the Expo, making it more exciting, professional and effective, and invigorate the development of China Science and Technology (Mianyang) City. He stressed that it is necessary to organize major events and special activities to show the latest products which embody military and civil efforts, making the Expo the first exhibition for military-civil integration. He also said that good preparations should be made in inviting guests to participate in the Expo and improving the quality of forums, and organizing special events, especially guest of honor activities, in a bid to ensure that the Expo can present wonderful activities and go smoothly. It is necessary to focus on electronic information, equipment manufacturing, food and beverage, advanced materials, energy and chemical industry and digital economy industries and select participating enterprise and projects for the Expo to make new breakthroughs in attracting investments, talents and projects. To provide quality services, Mianyang and relevant departments at the provincial level should work together as a team to make good preparations for comprehensive services and good environment to ensure the success of the Expo.

Yuan said that the theme of the Expo will be ˇ°military-civil integration, technology and innovation, opening up and cooperationˇ±, which focuses on the enterprises, military-civil integration, opening up and cooperation, improving the level of marketization, the characteristics of specialization and the efficiency of internatioalization. Mianyang will make efforts to build a co-sharing and co-building demonstration platform. In the early stage, with support from the members of the Inter-Ministerial Coordination Team for the Construction of China Science and Technology City (Mianyang) and departments at the provincial level, the preparation for the Expo has gone smoothly. Mianyang will implement the plans of this meeting, especially the spirit implicit in the speeches delivered by deputy governor Peng and work together as a team to plan in details to make the Expo more characteristic, efficient, professional and wonderful.

Deputy director of the provincial military-civil integration office, Xuzhou, director of the Provincial Defense Science and Technology Office, Lei Kaiping, deputy director of the Provincial Western Development Office, Yang Xin, deputy director of the Provincial Informationization Office, Chen Wentao, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Education, Jiang Yajun, deputy director of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, Chen Xuehua, deputy director of the Provincial Finance Department, Zhu Huayong, party secretary of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Sun Sheng, deputy mayor, Zhao Yingchun, secretary general of the municipal government, Tan Gang, and responsible persons of other departments, also attended the meeting.

(Reporter: Zhao Ye) On July 23, vice governor, Peng Yuxing, accompanied by Fu Kang, visited BOE project before the meeting. They learned more about the construction progress of the 6th generation of the AMOLED (flexible) production line project and hoped that all parties can strengthen cooperation to work harder to provide quality services and support to accelerate the construction. Peng also paid a visit to Southwest University of Science and Technology and attended a launch event of Key State Laboratory for Environmentally Friendly Energy Materials. Peng hoped that the Provincial Science and Technology Department and Southwest University of Science and Technology will follow the national and provincial requirements and construct the lab based on high standards to provide services and support for China Science and Technology City, (Mianyang) and make new contributions to the economic and social development of the province.

Secretary of the party committee of Southwest University of Science and Technology, Chen Yongcan, and deputy mayor, Sun Fuquan, attended the event.