Mianyang Upgrades Environmental Sanitation in Five Areas to Construct the National Sanitation City

The problems on the list can only be removed until solved

(Reporter: Li Ruoxue) On July 13, the reporter learned from the Promoting Meeting on the Review of Mianyang¡¯s Application as the National Sanitation City that starting from April 19, the municipal party committee, the municipal government and the municipal office of sanitation reviews have investigated problems in the city¡¯s sanitation based on the standards of the national sanitation city and carried out five major special rectification activities to improve the city¡¯s sanitation, which covers the city image, wholesale markets, sanitation of important public places, food safety and vector control to help Mianyang to construct the national sanitation city.

The municipal party committee and the municipal government paid great attention to the review work and established an office responsible for preparation for the review work. Six teams were also established to facilitate the construction of the national sanitation city in areas such as publicity and education, food safety and important public places, public security and traffic safety, environmental protection, public sanitation and vector control, and environmental improvement. Mianyang has held six special meetings, five special trainings and implemented over forty special inspections to urge relevant departments to solve over six hundred problems. The percentage of the organizations managing business in public place with certain certificates increased from 68% in April to 80% in July.

Mianyang has implemented five special ratification activities since the beginning of this year to improve the city¡¯s environment for the construction of the national sanitation city in five areas, including regulating the business order. Mianyang has carried out special rectification activities on the city¡¯s environment, farmer¡¯s market and its surrounding environment, food safety, important public places, vector control based on the standards of the national sanitation city to improve Mianyang¡¯s sanitation conditions. For example, Mianyang has conducted a survey based on the actual conditions of the food and drug industry and found out 17 key risks in this sector. The government has taken 40 specific control and prevention measures and published a list of risks in the food and drug industry for control and prevention. The government has also carried out 11 special rectification activities on food sold by small workshops, small stores and small market stalls, as well as cheap and low-quality food sold near the schools. The government has found out 3,283 problems, talked with 45 enterprises, suspended 535 companies¡¯ production or business operation for rectification and punished violations against laws and regulations. At the same time, Mianyang has implemented the mechanism that a random checking will conducted by randomly selected inspectors with double checks, one revisit and one disclosure. The mechanism will cover the food and drug production and processing, distribution, consumption and other areas.

The farmer¡¯s market and public toilets are also important parts of the city¡¯s sanitation and are closely related to the people¡¯s living conditions. The municipal management bureau has strengthened the sanitation management based on relevant standards, and focuses on more specific management with the use of smart bracelet and the vehicle positioning system. In accordance with the requirements of the toilet revolution, Mianyang has conducted a comprehensive inspection on the conditions of the existing 103 sanitation public toilets and actively promoted new renovation of public toilets this year, so as to expand the coverage of the sanitation public toilets.

¡°If there is a problem, it will be shown on the list and needs to be solved immediately. The problems on the list can only be removed until solved. The next step is to focus on the problems and carry out ratification activities on key public places. We will also provide more guidelines for the business owners to help them to get certain certificates regarding sanitation, improving the efficiency of processing certificates and prevent businessmen from operating unlicensed. An official from the municipal office of sanitation reviews said that Mianyang will further standardize the sanitation management and actively carry out publicity and education activities on health and safety to strengthen the business owner¡¯s awareness of sanitation management. Mianyang will also strengthen supervision to help operating units to improve sanitation management system and increase penalties for violations against laws.