634 Agricultural Products Entitled to "Three Qualities Labels And One Mark" Certifications in Mianyang

(Reporters: Yang Qingchun; Li Lingyue) The reporters learned from the Training Conference on the Supervision and Certification of the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products in Mianyang &¡°Three Qualities Labels And One Mark¡± Certifications that since last year, our city has adhered to the development direction of improving the quality of agriculture, building green agriculture, and strengthening agriculture by brands. Taking the opportunity of creating counties and districts which produce high-quality and safe agricultural products, Mianyang has focused on brand building of agricultural products and the cultivation of new formats. Now, 634 agricultural products are entitled to ¡°three qualities labels and one mark¡± certifications in Mianyang.

It is introduced that our city has been committed to ¡°three qualities labels and one mark¡± certifications to guarantee food safety, and continuously strengthened the work of standardization, guidance and certification. It has guided the standardized production and services of bases which produce pollution-free agricultural products, green food and organic food .

Mianyang has promulgated the Opinion on Promoting the Construction of Standardized And Branded Agricultural Products and started to create standardized and branded agricultural products by exerting the leading role of leading enterprises and farmers¡¯ specialized organizations. Counties of Mianyang have take incentives to award the enterprises or farmers who produce agricultural products with ¡°three qualities labels and one mark¡± certifications. They have prepared 2 million yuan for subsidy funds, and guided industries with unique characteristics to make agricultural products better known. Mianyang has also increased the source supervision of agricultural input, vigorously promoted the modern ecologically recycling agricultural project of ¡°a fertile Mianyang¡±, and strengthened the control and regulation of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the quality and safety supervision of agricultural products. It has carried out the demonstration of green prevention and control, ¡°three qualities labels and one mark¡± certifications and the routine monitoring of agricultural products. At the same time, it has adopted ¡°inviting in¡± and ¡°going out¡±, carried out the training on standardized regulations, green and organic food, and the construction of agricultural brands, so as to provide talent for the construction of high quality agricultural products and branded agriculture. It has made use of the three activities of ¡°Sichuan preferential shopping action¡±, ¡°selling Sichuan goods to the whole country¡± and ¡°helping enterprises to go abroad¡±. Brand promotion and marketing promotion of agricultural products have been enhanced, and brand awareness and reputation of Mianyang agricultural products have been improved.

At present, Mianyang has certified 634 agricultural products with ¡°three qualities and one mark¡± in places such as Pingwu and Zhongfeng. It has completed 392,000 mu of demonstration lands which produce green, preventable and controlled agricultural products. It is the first time that the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has achieved zero increase, and more than 98% of the monitored agricultural products are qualified..