The "One-stop Government Service" Reform Training Meeting Held in Mianyang

(Reporter: Xie Yan) In order to conscientiously carry out the relevant requirements of the State Council and the provincial government for promoting the ¡°one-stop government service¡± reform, and to effectively strengthen the construction of the service-oriented government, the Municipal Administration of Government Affairs organized the city to promote the ¡°One-stop Government Service¡±Reform Training Meeting, focusing on solving the problems of enterprises and the masses.

Our reporter learned that the provincial government staff have introduced the claim and operation process of the 2.0version of the provincial government service integration platform.The Municipal Administration of Government Affairs made a detailed introduction of the specific tasks and requirements for solving the problems of enterprises and the masses. Besides, exchanges and interactions were carried out during the training meeting.

The meeting stressed that the implementation of the ¡°one-stop government service¡±reform is not only the fundamental requirement for the implementation of Xi Jinping¡¯s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era, but also the fundamental requirement for deepening the reform of streamlining administration, delegating more powers to lower-level governments and society, improving regulation and optimizing services. It is also an important measure to implement the people-centered thought and to meet the people¡¯s new aspiration for a better life. The meeting stated that the implementation of the¡°one-stop government service¡± reform is an urgent need for our city to further promote the construction of a service-oriented government and to speed up the construction of a western city with robust economy. All departments at various places should attach great importance and specify the division of responsibilities. They should also conduct inverted scheduling and sequential processes and timely complete the cleaning and compiling as required so as to ensure that the ¡°one-stop government service¡± reform can be successfully completed.