Meeting on Promoting the Demonstration Project for Mobile Payments Held

At the meeting, Yang Xuening requested implementing the ¡°Internet Plus¡± strategy to promote the project for mobile payments

On June 21, Mianyang held a meeting on facilitating the construction of  the demonstration project for mobile payments to call on relevant departments to actively participate in the project and to explore new ways to implement mobile payments. It aims to launch new payment channels and improve digital financial services to make it more convenient for people, and help Mianyang to become China¡¯s top science and technology city and smart city. Yang Xuening, the member of the Standing Committee of Mianyang¡¯smunicipal party committee and deputy mayor, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

The meeting stressed that the demonstration project for mobile payments was not only an important action to address the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people¡¯s ever-growing needs for a better life, but also an exemplification to fulfill the tasks of the inclusive financial system and the revitalization program in rural areas.

Yang Xuening requested that we must actively implement the national ¡°Internet Plus¡± development strategyin accordance with the requirement of establishing digital and inclusive financial system based on finance technology, and continue to explore new channels for mobile payments to make it more convenientfor the people and to improve the digital and inclusive financial services. The People¡¯s Bank of China (Mianyang Branch) should take the leader¡¯s role, with the coordination between different departments, to further analyze the tasks and goals, and focus on medical social security, public utilities payment, and the exit-entry administration to promote the construction of the project for mobile payments. Mianyang should accelerate the construction of payment system to promote payment tools andcreate more payment products to promote the social capital turnover and to make it more convenient for people.

In 2018, Mianyang was identified as one of the top 100 mobile payments demonstration cities. Mianyang will make efforts to implementmobile payments in the industries closely related to people¡¯s daily life in three years. Mianyang will provide quick pass and QR code payment in all the buses and taxis this year. From 2019 to 2020, Mianyang will launch mobile payments in major hospitals, medical social security, traffic fines, taxation, utility payment, and exit-entry administration and other areas.