Mianyang Strengthens the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution by "Taking Correct Actions"

Strengthening ozone pollution control

(Mianyang News) (reporter Su Donghua) Recently Mianyang held the Conference on Atmospheric Environmental Situation Analysis and the Prevention and Control Work of 2018 Ozone Pollution. In this conference, it analyzed the prevention and control situation of city's air pollution and implemented the arrangement of the city's air pollution prevention and control work and the rectification work of key sensitive areas. All these arrangements went under the requirements of provincial ozone pollution prevention and control work.

Through the analysis of the atmospheric environment situation, the number of ozone pollution days in our city increased, showing the obvious deterioration of pollution.Governments at all the districts and departments should further strengthen the rectification of environmental supervision problems. They should strengthen the urban fining regulation and control, the pollution control of industrial enterprises and the joint prevention and control of regions. They should also strengthen the strength of technical support, the rectification of "scattered pollution" and the brick and tile enterprises and the prevention and control of motor vehicle pollution and so on. The purpose is to promote the prevention and control of ozone pollution in our city and to strive to win the success of protecting blue sky.

Under the requirements of the conference, all districts and departments should strengthen their leadership, compact their responsibilities and solve the five problems: "choose the right units to do it", "do it scientifically", "do it in a precise way", "do it in an innovative way", "do it under supervision". All these measures aimed to ensure that the city's special action for the prevention and control of ozone pollution achieved effective results.

It is understood that Mianyang has included the environmental quality targets in the annual target assessment as well as the accountability; it will arrange a talk with the leaders of districts who have poor performance in environmental improvement; it will perfect the ranking notification mechanism of the air quality in the districts monthly and daily, which could dynamically reflect the regional environmental quality and changing trend and help to urge all localities to strengthen measures to implement rectification.The omission of work, slow action and failing of environmental responsibility implementation will be investigated and handled through notification, interviews, etc. Cases of gross violation will be accountable.

In the conference, leaders from Fucheng District, Youxian district and High-tech Zone made special speeches on the comprehensive improvement of key sensitive areas.