Mianyang Ranks 46th Among the Top 100 Chinese City Brands (Prefecture-level Cities)

(Reporter: Zhao Yan) Recently, China City News owned by People¡¯s Daily conducted the 2018 China City Conference & the Ranking Test Release Ceremony for China City Brands (Prefecture-level Cities). According to national standards, the newspaper made its first test release of China¡¯s prefecture-level city brands.Mianyang ranked 46th with a score of 368.04 points.

According to the Ministry of Finance¡¯s national brand value upgrading projectsof great economic importance and the national standards released in the documentTo Evaluate Cities Through Brands, this conference made its test release ofChina¡¯s city brands (prefecture-level cities) which topped the 100 in terms of comprehensive scores. Through careful survey, the reporter found out that among China¡¯s 298 prefecture-level cities, four cities of Sichuan province, including Mianyang, Luzhou, Nanchong, and Leshan, were listed. Mianyang ranked 46th with a score of 368.04.

The organizer said the evaluation of city brands helpsto enhance a city¡¯s competitiveness and improve people¡¯slife quality, and contributes to building harmonious,livable, vibrant, diverseand environmentally-friendly cities around the globe. Worldwide evaluations and release of excellent city brands of each country will ensue with international standards after the release mechanism becomes better-tunedand more matured. The evaluation test release of city brands this time is also a further exploration for the worldwide release of tourism city brands.

Urban brand is an objective demonstration of a city¡¯s ecology, culture, economy and government image. In recent years, Mianyang has been strengthening the foundation, bearing long-term interest in mind, and benefiting people¡¯s livelihood and coordinatingin promoting urban and rural infrastructure as well as ecological construction. These measures have greatly improvedthe living standards and environment of rural and urban areas,and significantly enhancedthe capabilities to support and guarantee development. They are of great importance to promotethe economic and social development of Mianyang and to enhance the happiness index of the people. They have also madeMianyanga more attractive city to live in.

Mianyang has also greatly accelerated the construction of major infrastructure projects as the city continues to fight the ¡°three tough battles¡± of the urban construction, the transportation construction and the construction of the Concentrated Development Zone of the National Science and Technology City (Mianyang). In terms of the ecological environment, pollution prevention hasmade remarkable results. In 2017, the energy consumption per unit of Mianyang¡¯s GDP fell by 5.6%and the forest coverage rate surged to 53.86%. It can be seen that the environment protection of Mianyang has achieved cheering results.