Mianyang Builds a New Pattern of All-around Opening-up and Cooperation

Expanding the "circle of friends" to the forefront of the opening-up in Western areas

(Huang Xiaoqin, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)

On April 18, the HKCˇŻs 8.6th generation thin-film transistor liquid crystal display device production line project settled down in Mianyang, with an investment of 24 billion Yuan. On May 17, the newly-built 220kv transformer substation for BOE Mianyang project was put in operation, marking the complete implementation of supplementary electrical engineering...

Mianyang pays attention to introducing the "big projects" while accelerating the supporting facilities. Its precise professional investment attraction together with efficient service attracts more "gold phoenixes" to settle down in Mianyang.

The China (Mianyang) Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expo, China (Sichuan) E-commerce Development Summit, the Talent Summit...Series of thematic events has fully played their role as the platform for opening-up, attracting the attention of businessmen from all over the world.All these activities have enhanced friendship and deepened cooperation, strengthening Mianyang's link with the world.Nowadays, Mianyang has established economic and trade cooperation with more than 130 countries and regions; the total import-export volume, the number of foreign investment enterprises and the amount of investment and the paid-in provincial capital all ranked second in Sichuan province.

We need not only to "go outside" but also "bring in".As an important pivot city in the connecting line of Yangtze River economic belt and the most dynamic city of "The Belt and Roadˇ±, in recent years, Mianyang has thoroughly implemented the opening-up strategy and built the opening-up platform for cooperation and opening-up channel. It actively integrates itself into the opening-up of Sichuan province, embracing the world with more open attitude and striving to take its place in the forefront of opening-up in western area.

Bring in new projects and make breakthrough with industrial cluster

The BOE sixth generation AMOLED (flexible) production line with an investment of 46.5 billion yuan, the Jinneng Mobile Energy industry park with an investment of 45.3 billion yuan, the HKCˇŻs 8.6th generation thin-film transistor liquid crystal display production line with an investment of 24 billion yuan, the Weima new energy vehicle with an investment of 20.2 billion yuan...In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the "circle of friends" of Mianyang, a number of major industrial projects have settled down inMianyang, forming "Mianyang phenomenon" featuring continuous introduction of major projects.

Why can Mianyang frequently join hands with these big projects? Rich technological resources, complete industrial categories, awesome policy environment...Mianyang, with its fantastic environment for opening-up, has gradually improved its strength to cooperate with the "project bigwigs".

All the departments and sectors in Mianyang has focused on this thought: put the investment attraction as the "first step" to speed up development and promote precise and professional investment.Mianyang has set up the system of "the top leader going outside to attract investment"; main leaders of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have taken the lead; leaders in each county and district (parks) and municipal departments has cooperated with overall linkage, forming strong joint forces to attract investment.

Initiative, science, precision, profession...Attracting the landing of a large number of "high-quality" projects in Mianyang.

In recent years, Mianyang has focused on large enterprises, large groups and famous colleges and universities; with the leading industries as the core, it has carried out all directional investment attraction based on professional industrial parks; it has introduced leading enterprises, extended the industrial chain and improved the industrial agglomeration to promote the "double promotion" of the total quantity and quality of investment attraction.

Getting a batch of project information, intensifying discussions on a batch of projects, promoting a batch of project contracts, and serving a number of performance projects...while promoting the signing and landing of major projects, Mianyang is committed to speeding up theconstruction and operationof projects, implementing "green card service" for key investment projects and providing "seven-aspects" precision services.During the past three years, Mianyang has signed 272 new projects with each project's investment over 500 million yuan. From January to April this year, Mianyang signed 115 new projects with a total investment of 95.337 billion yuan.

During these years, Mianyang has an awesome performance in investment attraction: its paid-in provincial capital rose from 40.803 billion yuan in 2014 to 54.693 billion yuan in 2016 and to 68.658 billion yuan in 2017, with an annual increase of 19%; its rank in Sichuan province rose from ninth in 2014 to second in 2016 and 2017.It continued to rank second in Sichuan province in the first quarter of this year.

Build platforms to promote the exchange of foreign cooperation and show a new pattern

The successful holding of the Fifth China (Mianyang) Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expo, the Third China (Sichuan) E-commerce Development Summit, the China (Mianyang) Special Activity of Third Western China Overseas High-tech and High Talents Conferencehas added three beautiful business cards to Mianyang's opening-up and cooperation. The past five China (Mianyang) Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expos has achieved a total of 2,772 contracted projects with the amount of 456.4 billion yuan, of which the Fifth High-Tech Expo signed 665 projects with the amount of 111.4 billion yuan and has 167 overseas enterprises and 124 enterprises along "The Belt and Road".

In recent years, Mianyang has held 59 investment promotion meetings in Paris, London and other international famous cities as well as the domestic first-tier cities. It has set up six foreign investment branch offices in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and others, and one overseas investment branch office; it has set up foreign strategic cooperation offices in 8 countries, such as the United States and Russia, and initially completed the resource network of investment attraction in the whole country and even in the world.By the end of 2017, there were 109 foreign-invested enterprises in Mianyang, with a total investment of 2.45 billion US dollars.

With the development zones as the carrier, Mianyang will strengthen the construction of the export-oriented industrial park and encourage the support and construction of the parks' infrastructure. It will expand the carrier platform function of the park, accelerate the construction of the China-Germany (Mianyang) innovation industry cooperation platform, the European Union Innovation Center and so on, and create the "bridgeheadˇ± of the opening to the outside world.

Relying on this series of opening-up and cooperative platforms, world's top 500, domestic 500, and well-known enterprises are focusing on Mianyang, providing a strong support for the "Mianyang economic layout" in the development pattern of Sichuan province.The data is the best explanation: since 2000, Mianyang has established a cooperative relationship with more than 100 economic and trade promotion agencies and business associations in 35 countries and regions. It has received 67 visiting groups, including the United Nations Industrial Development Organization delegation, the Czech government delegation and other international economic and trade promotion agencies; it has organized 4,023 enterprises to participate in about 400 trade and economic activities in the country and foreign countries; more than 3,000 overseas high-level talents and overseas Chinese business delegations have been invited to visit and negotiate with Mianyang with their projects.

Realize new development of foreign trade with smooth channel and excellent environment

Mianyang enhances its opening-up with a more open attitude to embrace the world. It takes the initiative to integrate into the "The Belt and Road", supporting Changhong, Jiuzhou and other key enterprises to go abroad to carry out the resources and value chain integration in the global scope.Mianyang speeds up the construction of "the National Science and Technology Export Innovation Base (Electronic Information)", promotes the export of high value-added and high-tech products; it accelerates the construction of "the key undertaking of processing trade gradient transfer" and strives to cultivate new growth points for foreign trade. In 2017, the total industrial output value of the export processing zone was 855 million yuan and the export amount was217 million US dollars.

Mianyang also takes the lead in building the "Mianyang Electronic Port Customs Clearance Information Service Platform" in Sichuan province, realizing the effective integration of regulatory resources, business management and standardized management, and providing "One-stop" services for enterprises.

It firstly carries out the "three-in-one certificate" entry and exit inspection and quarantine in the province; since 2016 when taking effect, it has benefited118 enterprises, saving nearly 160 thousand yuan and the administrative record efficiency increased by 50%...

By vigorously cultivating the main body of enterprises, constantly strengthening services and leading enterprises to develop the international market, the scale of Mianyang's foreign trade is expanding, and the import and export structure of foreign trade is gradually optimized.By the end of last year, there were 213 export enterprises in Mianyang. The import and export products covered 20 major categories including electronic information, new materials and mechanical manufacturing, and have more than 1400 varieties; the main export market expanded to 136 countries and regions.In 2017, Mianyang achieved 11.5 billion yuan in foreign-trade and import and export. From January to April this year, Mianyang achieved 3.815 billion yuan in foreign-trade and import and export, with an increase of 7.1% over the same period last year.

To become more open to the outside world, Mianyang actively promotes the opening-up of air ports and the establishment of a comprehensive bonded zone; it accelerates the construction of the Mianyang railway port and the "Logistics Park of China (Mianyang)", and strengthens the effective connection with Tianfu International Airport, Konggang New Town in Tianfu New District, Chengdu Qingbaijiang Railway Port and Luzhou Waterway Port. Therefore, Mianyang's opening-up and cooperation is growing bigger and bigger.

Sound the clarion call for the new era.Being at the historical node of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, Mianyang is expanding its opening-up and cooperation with a more active attitude, constantly releasing the vitality of innovation and development, and walking ahead in the forefront of the open cooperation in Western areas.