Mianyang Federation of Trade Unions Is Named as the Advanced Group of National Trade Unions System

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Guo Ruoxue) Our reporter recently learnt that Mianyang Federation of Trade Unions is named as the Advanced Group of National Trade Unions System. Mianyang Federation of Trade Unions is the only municipal-level trade union that has won this honor in Sichuan province. The appraisal is held by All-China Federation of Trade Unions every five years.

In recent years, Mianyang Federation of Trade Unions has focused on maintaining and strengthening the political nature, advanced nature and mass character of the work of trade unions and the unions organization. It insists on being problem-oriented and strives to solve the outstanding problems that restrict the development of the work of the trade unions. Thanks to these efforts, the reform, development and innovation of trade unions throughout the city achieved remarkable results with increasing vitality. We will take serving the new normal and promoting high-quality economic development as the starting point and our goal. We will closely integrate the construction of the science and technology city, focus on the key projects, regions and industries in the ¡°13th Five-Year Plan¡±, and carry out various examinations, contests and displays in all counties and cities, creating an upgraded version of the labor competition. More than 1 million employees participated the city¡¯s labor competitions and technical competitions. All the enterprises above the designated size attended above competitions. Through them, we have created more than 1,000 Mianyang craftsmen, trained more than 200,000 skilled workers, built and named 10 provincial model-worker innovation studios and around 1,000 municipal model-worker innovation studios.

As the ¡°home¡± for employees, Mianyang Federation of Trade Unions insists on speaking for the employees, helping employees protect their legal rights and solve their problems, and setting up ¡°bridges¡± for the employees to resolve labor disputes. Over the past five years, Mianyang Federation of Trade Unions has solved 5,960 cases of migrant workers unpaid wages through joint action. 10,471 peasant workers have recovered arrears of 77.61 million yuan in wages, the amount of compensation ranking first in the province¡¯s labor unions system. At the same time, Mianyang Federation of Trade Unions also strengthened efforts to publicize laws and regulations on labor unions, and on this basis established a mechanism for the three-party talks on collective wage negotiations and a reputation evaluation standard on corporate wage performance. The signing rate of wage collective agreements reached more than 99% for five consecutive years. It also established a second-level staff representative conference system for the first time in the province.