To Make the Sky of Mianyang Bluer, the Land Greener and the Water Cleaner

Liu Chao presided over the leading group meeting on the prevention and control of air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution of the city

(Mianyang News) (reporter: Li Zhihao) On May 8, the city¡¯s leading group meeting on the prevention and control of air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution was held. Deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, mayor and leader of the leading group, Liu Chao, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

The conference pointed out that in the past year, the city has earnestly implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping¡¯s important strategic thinking of ecological civilization, effectively strengthened ecological civilization construction and environmental protection, and made every effort to fight the ¡°three battles¡± of preventing and controlling air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution. These measures have contributed to the remarkable improvement of the city¡¯s ecological environment quality.

The meeting emphasized that we must firmly adopt Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era as the guide, steadfastly establish the concept that ¡°clean water and green mountains are valuable as treasures¡± and unswervingly take the environmentally-friendly development path of prioritizing ecology. We must resolutely fight the ¡°three battles¡± of preventing and controlling air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution so as to make the sky of Mianyang bluer, the land greener and the water cleaner as it shoulders the very responsibility of composing a new chapter for a more beautiful Mianyang. First, we must fight against air pollution. To that end, we must focus on the transformation of key industries, vigorously promote the transformation of cement, iron and steel industry so as to minimize emissions. We must accelerate the elimination of small coal-fired boilers in built-up areas above the county level and strengthen the comprehensive investigation and rectification of ¡°scattered¡± enterprises to ensure the completion of related rectification work and governance tasks. We must continue to promote the control of motor vehicles pollution, vigorously carry out special rectification actions for heavy-duty diesel trucks, speed up the investigation of non-road mobile machinery. We must do a good job in dust control and straw ban and implement online monitoring of PM2.5 and PM10 in all areas and all weather in accordance with the ¡°six dos¡±, ¡°six don¡¯ts¡± and ¡°six 100%s¡±. Second, we must fight against water pollution. To that end, we must strengthen the control of water pollution along the Mulong River and the Changtan River and promote the construction of sewage treatment facilities in the city to ensure full coverage of sewage treatment facilities in the city¡¯s industry-agglomeration areas and at townships. We must strengthen the restoration of water ecology and enhance the protection of the Fujiang head-water, water conservation areas, and ecologically vulnerable areas. We must strengthen the protection of water resources, conscientiously implement the system under which responsible persons are in charge of specific rives or lakes and strictly carry out the water resources management system. We must strictly abide by the three red lines of controlling exploitation and utilization, controlling water efficiency and controlling the pollution of water function areas. We must actively carry out the comprehensive management of rural environment, reduce agricultural pollution and effectively improve living environment in urban and rural areas. Third, we must fight against soil pollution. To that end, we must ensure the safety of agricultural land and construction land, carry out a detailed investigation of the state of soil pollution, thoroughly know the distribution of polluted lands and environmental risks of enterprises in key industries. We must strengthen soil remediation and rehabilitation, continue to control soil pollution in key areas and improve the capability of supervising soil environment. We must strengthen the construction of soil environment supervision information platform, increase the training of professional and technical personnel and continuously improve the supervision capability and level. Fourth, we must do a good job in rectifying problems concerning environmental protection. We must conscientiously carry out The Plan for Rectifying and Implementing the Fifth Environment Protection Inspecting Group¡¯s Feedback and earnestly rectify the problems.

The meeting requested that the prevention and control of environmental pollution is a systematic project. The city must further agglomerate consensus and make concerted efforts to promote the implementation of all tasks. The ideological understanding should be improved, and the ¡°four consciousnesses¡± should be firmly established. The political responsibilities for ecological civilization construction and environmental protection should be firmly encouraged. The organization and leadership should be more effective. The party committees and governments at all levels should conscientiously implement responsibilities of protecting environment. The ¡°three battles¡± leading group office should give full play to its role of taking the lead, and the members of the leading group should work together and cooperate closely to push the city¡¯s ecological civilization construction and environmntal protection to a new level. Capital guarantees should be strengthened, and efforts should continue to increase from the top. More social capital investment should be attracted and the sources of funds for environmental protection projects should also be broadened. Supervision and assessment should be more accurate and the assessment index system should be improved. Supervision, inspection and assessment should be strengthened to ensure the success of ecological civilization construction and environmental protection.

At the meeting, deputy mayor and deputy head of the ¡°three battles¡± leading group, Luo Meng, reported on the work done for preventing and controlling air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution of the city.