Mianyang Issues New Policies of Recruiting Talents

Implementing three major "Plans" and three major "Projects"

(Liu Xin, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)

We aim to build the National Science and Technology City and strong modern city in western China through the implementation of innovation-driven, civil-military integration development strategy. To realize this goal, we must attract talents from all fields to participate in the building of Mianyang and maximize their enthusiasm and creativity.

Recently, Mianyang released four talents policies: the Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Strong Talents City, Measures to Implement the Talent Plan for Science and Technology City, Methods of Managing Special Funds for Mianyang talent Development and Methods of Carrying out the Special Funds Projects for Mianyang talent Development, offering an olive branch to all kinds of talents.

The logical relationship of the four policies

The Opinion is the guidance documents for speeding up the construction of western strong talent City. It has the general layout of such aspects including the introduction, cultivation, inspiring and services for the talents and the institutionalization of the party managing personnel work. The Measures is one of the supporting documents of Opinion, which puts forward concrete measures to support talent innovation and entrepreneurship. The Methods of Managing Special Funds makes clear how to manage the special talent development funds (60 million yuan each year) jointly set up by Sichuan province and Mianyang city, ensuring that the funds use is in compliance with the laws and regulations. The Methods of Carrying out the Special Funds Projects is the operation method based on the Methods of Managing Special Funds and the Measures.

Main framework and content

The Opinion is divided into three parts.

The first part is the guiding ideology, objectives and tasks. According to the goals of building Mianyang into the national science and technology city and a strong modern city in western China, we have made clear the "timetable" for realizing the goal based on four timelines: 2020, 2025, and 2035 and the middle of this century. We propose building appropriate target system of talent development that is compatible with the national science and technology city and the modern western city, the talent policy system that adapts to the western talent highland, and the talent working system that adapts to the laws of market economy and talent growth. We aim to build Mianyang into the strong western talent city with a sound mechanism of innovation and entrepreneurship, active innovation and entrepreneurial culture and abundant innovative and entrepreneurial talents, forming a lively situation in which the world's elites are here to build Mianyang.

The second part is the main measures to build a strong talents city in the western region, including high-quality introduction and cultivation of high-caliber, fine and excellent talents whose skills are in short supply, high requirements for the introduction and cultivation of key talents, the building of high-standard talent development platform, high-level building of talent introduction mechanism, and high-efficiency service for talent innovation and entrepreneurship. It has brought forth the ¡°Fusion Plan¡±, ¡°the Fountain Plan¡± and the ¡°Excellence Plan¡±. It proposes that we should build a coordinated innovation platform for military services, local governments and academies and establish linkage working mechanism between investment promotion and recruiting talents. We should improve facilitation measures for talents innovation and entrepreneurship and strengthen financial support for talents entrepreneurship.

The third part is the political security measures to build a strong city with talented people in the west. It proposes that priority should be given to talented personnel investment, establish a fault-tolerant mechanism for talent work, and strengthen the political leadership and political absorption of talents.

As for the design of talent-funded projects, the ¡°Measures¡± highlights the two major Mianyang characteristics of innovation-driven strategy and civil-military integration. It focuses on the quality of the talent team and provides continuous support and comprehensive service guarantees for extremely good projects, taking the cultivation of talent entrepreneurial projects as new economic growth points.

Implementing three major "Plans" and three major "Projects"

The ¡°Fusion Plan¡± of the civil-military integration entrepreneurship team: it has introduced and supported a group of high-level ¡°military-to-civil¡± and ¡°civil-to-military¡± entrepreneurial teams that carry out technological innovations and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promoting the two-way transfer of military and civilian technologies in high-tech and strategic emerging industries. It provides continuous funding for selected teams, with a total of up to 20 million yuan per team.

The "Fountain Plan" of science and technology pioneering team: it has introduced and supported a group of high-level entrepreneurial teams that can solve major industrial core technical problems, promote the industry to the high-end of the value chain, or develop the future leading industry and seize the emerging markets. It provides continuous funding for selected teams and each team can gain the cumulative funding of up to 20 million yuan.

The ¡°Excellence Plan¡± of industry's cutting-edge innovation team: it has supported the introduction of high-level innovation teams that provide core technical support through the key investment promotion projects; it supports key enterprises in connecting high-level innovation resources, introduces and fosters innovative R&D teams and technical leader teams that are influential and promote the development of enterprises. Each selected team will be offered a maximum of 1 million yuan.

The overseas "Talents Attracting Project": Foreign technical talents and senior management talents employed by the company can apply for a Z visa at the port of entry on the basis of the work permit. Those foreign talents who have met the market-based identification standards, or who have a doctoral degree or above and have worked in Mianyang can apply directly permanent residence in China. Foreign college graduates who have graduated within one year and meet the specified conditions can directly work in Mianyang.

The "Breaking-through Project" for science and technology talents: It includes the innovation of income distribution policy for enterprises and public institutions to encourage science and technology personnel to leave the post for innovation and entrepreneurship; it encourages talents to transform scientific and technological achievements; it expands the institutional units' autonomy to introduce talents.

The "Warming Heart Project" of talent service All the team leaders selected for the "Fusion Plan", or "Fountain Plan" or "Excellence Plan" will be offered "Mianzhou Elite Card". This card will provide convenient services in such aspects as the application for the landing of the industrial project and the talent project, purchasing (renting) rooms, innovation and entrepreneurship, health care, children's education, spouse employment, policy advice, and personnel file management, etc.

What is the "Mianzhou Elite Card"

Issuing scope:

Leaders of teams selected for the "Fusion Plan", "Fountain Plan", "Excellence Plan" after January 1, 2018. The card is for personal use only and valid for 2 years; it can be renewed after the expiration date.

Service content:

1. Provide convenience for the landing of industrial projects. Cardholders who register companies in Mianyang and transform the achievements can enjoy a series of convenience, such as the ledger, designated service commissioner, consultation channel, special administrative window, quick approval and consultation mechanism. The cardholder's company is included into the key investment promotion projects or key enterprises in Mianyang's "Service Green Card".

2. Provide reporting services of personnel project .it provides consulting and guidance services for cardholders to apply for various major talent projects such as national and provincial "Thousand People Plan", "Millions Plan", "One Hundred Million Projects", provincial outstanding young and middle-aged experts, and provincial academic technology leaders.

3. Provide purchase (rent) room discount. Cardholders who purchase self-occupied housing in Mianyang, its application for housing provident fund loans are not subject to the deposit time and the area of purchase (excluding the villa), and the loan amount can be relaxed. Cardholders and two core members within the team can apply to rent talent apartment and priority will be given to them. They can enjoy the first year of rent-free and half of the second year.

4. Provide innovative entrepreneurial services. Designated contact person will be arranged for the cardholder; the contact person can help to handle business related matters and reflect the problems and difficulties in the entrepreneurial process. The cardholders will take the priority to be invited to the docking activities between the talents (projects, teams) and financial institutions, key enterprises and colleges (inside and outside Mianyang) organized by the city.

5. Provide health care facilities. When a cardholder visits a designated medical institution for medical treatment, a special person will coordinate and guide him to a doctor; they can enjoy medical services such as appointment of an expert, priority visit, priority inspection, and priority treatment.

6. Provide children with school convenience. As for the compulsory education stage, one child of the cardholder (or core team member) can be enrolled each year according to the cardholder¡¯s wishes. As for the ordinary high school, one child of the cardholder (or the core team member) who has the junior high school student status, participates in the city's senior high school entrance examination and follows the volunteer admission can be enrolled by the provincial-level demonstration high school within 10 scores of the score line, or can be enrolled by the provincial second-level demonstration high school within 20 scores of the score line.

4. Provide spouse with employment opportunities. Cardholder's spouse who is willing to work in Mianyang shall be given priority; if the spouse's original work is in public institutions, the cardholder can report to the Municipal People's Social Security Bureau through his/her work unit and the social security bureau will make overall arrangements according to the principle of ¡°corresponding and counterparts¡±. As for other types of employment, the cardholder can report to the HR service agency where the enterprise is registered and the spouse will be given priority to employment.

8. Provide policy information services. Cardholders can be directly included in the high-level expert talent pool that Mianyang Municipal Party Committee is in close contact with, and they are recommended to enter the Mianyang Talent Development Promotion Association. The government will broaden the channels for cardholders to participate in the deliberation and politics, offering advice and suggestions, and making friends, so as to help cardholders know the city; they will also be offered convenience in aspects such as innovation and entrepreneurship environment, technology, industry, investment and talent-related policies.

9. Provides convenient services such as personnel records management. Cardholder can commit their personnel file to the public service agency affiliated to the government according to the location of the work unit or household registration. Cardholders who need to go through relevant formalities such as immigration, purchase of real estate, settlement procedures, continuity of old-age insurance, driver's license conversion, etc. will be given priority by relevant functional departments. Cardholders who need to go through relevant formalities such as immigration, purchase of real estate, settlement procedures, continuity of old-age insurance, driver's license conversion, etc. will be given priority by relevant functional departments.