21 Cities in Mianyang Were Selected on the List of "100 Best Towns" for the construction plans to establish top 100 towns

On April 17, Mianyang Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau announced that around 300 towns in Sichuan have been selected in the list of ¡°construction plan of the best 100 towns". 21 towns in Mianyang were also on the list. The publicity of the list is from April 13 to April 23.

In accordance with the "Opinions on establishing Featured Towns and deepening of the development of "100 towns"" issued by the provincial party committee and the provincial government, by the year 2020, the number of 300 pilot towns for the "100 towns building actions" will be expanded to 600 towns. Official from the municipal housing and urban construction bureau said that 21 towns in Mianyang were selected on the list, including Qinshui and Qianfo in Anzhou District, Jili Town in Beichuan Qiang Autonomous, and Wujia Town in Rongcheng District, Dakang Town, Dagu Town, Fangshui Town, Jiangyou City, Pingtong Town, Pingwu County, Gujing Town, Jianshe Town, Luban Town, Tashan Town, Yongming Town, Yanji County, Jinji Town, Bajiao Town, Youxian District Xinqiao Town, Zhongxing Town, Yuhe Town, Renhe Township, and Liya Town.

The pilot town needs complete urban planning, improve infrastructure to provide support for industrial development and beautify the residential and ecological environment to strengthen the management of small towns based on the requirements of the top 100 towns. "Selection is just the beginning. The next step is the construction", said the official. The official also said that the government at the municipal level and county level should develop specific measures based on reality to provide support in the capital, land and talents areas.

In addition, according to local standards, for the third consecutive year from 2018 to 2020, the provincial appraisal team will conduct acceptance tests on 21 newly selected towns in the city. ¡°According to the percentage, seven towns will be accepted this year, and towns that have passed the assessment can receive the relevant ¡®benefits¡¯.¡± The official said that the selected pilot towns were regarded as an honor to attract rural residents to transfer on the spot. They will receive financial support at the provincial level, with separate land use indicators, and relevant staffing.