Mianyang Unveils the Implementation Plan for the Financial Support for the Poverty Alleviation in 2018

Accelerates Removal of Poverty

Mianyang Unveiled the Implementation Plan for Financial Support for the Poverty Alleviation in 2018 recently. The Plan states that The Plan proposed that the city will invest RMB 40 million as a special fund for the poverty alleviation in 2018, and RMB 25 million for the comprehensive poverty alleviation. At the county level, the government will invest RMB 219.63 million as a special fund for the poverty alleviation, which will be used for the construction of infrastructure, industry development and improvement in poor villages. We will make every effort to lift Pingwu County out of poverty, and to remove poverty from 225 poor villages with 37,700 people.

Focusing on removing poverty with financial support, the Plan developed detailed arrangements in policy and measures, special poverty fund management, supervision, and organizations.

"We should manage and make good use of the poverty alleviation funds and ensure that  every  penny  is  spent on poverty alleviation", said the official from the municipal finance bureau. The key is to manage and make good use of poverty alleviation funds and urge the government at county-level to further improve the administration of  four poverty alleviation fund management to standardize management procedures and make good decisions in terms of the purpose and amount of the fund. The government should offer support for exploring different channels for fund raising, coordinate the financial funds and integrate agriculture-related funds and social donation to ensure that the fund has a stable source and maintain adequate levels of balances. The fund for education, health and poverty relief shall be no less than RMB 5 million at the country (city, district) level, and the industry support fund for the poverty-stricken villages shall be no less than RMB 500,000 per village. Under the premise of strict examination and strengthening of supervision, the fund for education, health, poverty relief can exceed the limit of RMB 5,000 per household in a year. Loans from the fund for industrial development for the poverty-stricken village can exceed the limit of RMB 10,000 per household.

Meanwhile, the Plan allows the poor counties to integrate and use agriculture-related funds. The Plan requires strict budget adjustment procedures for the fund and everything should be done in accordance with the laws and regulations. The Plan urges Pingwu County and Beichuan Qiang Minority Autonomous County to develop plans for the integrated use of funds, and strengthen following up of the poverty alleviation projects, and accelerate the implementation of the budget. The Plan encourages the innovation on the integrated use of agriculture-related financial funds to ensure that the integrated funds in Pingwu County and Beichuan Qiang Minority Autonomous County account for over 80% of the overall integrated funds, funds that already have been integrated account for over 80% and fund that already used account for over 80%.

How to strengthen the supervision and management of poverty alleviation funds? The Plan explicitly stated that it is necessary to speed up the payment procedures of poverty alleviation funds. The Plan suggests that the allocation and accounting of poverty alleviation fund should be improved and a robust system covering the assessment, reimbursement, completion and acceptance of construction and final settlement of the poverty alleviation projects should be established to ensure that 95% of the payment is completed. On the other hand, it is also important to promote the smart accounting system for precise poverty alleviation. We should standardize the accounting of funds at the village-level and strengthen financial management by using cloud computing and Internet technologies. We should expand the pilot area and its scope to include accounting of the funds for poverty alleviation funds, funds to benefit farmers, funds to support industrial development in the villages into the smart accounting system. Villagers can check the real-time progress of the funds by an APP on their mobile phone to check the income and expenditure of the village's funds and conduct supervision.

Meanwhile, the supervision and evaluation of the poverty alleviation funds should be strengthened. The village should also strengthen daily supervision on poverty alleviation funds, and strictly control its distribution, use and supervision. We will continue to carry out regular supervision, and include all poverty-relief funds from the financial budget at all levels into the scope of supervision and inspection, and ensure all funds are covered. We will improve the monthly reporting system for poverty alleviation funds and implement online monitoring and dynamic supervision. We will strengthen the discipline enforcement, and cooperate with discipline inspection and supervision and audit departments to investigate any violations of laws and disciplines in the management of poverty alleviation funds.