Mianyang Continues to Improve the Rural Houses and Residential Environment

Mianyang Unveiled the Implementation Plan for Renovation of Village and Poverty Alleviation in 2018. The Plan proposes that efforts should be made to meet the targets for poverty alleviation with a focus on the poverty in Qinba Mountain area. The Plan aims to apply for fund of RMB 147 million from the provincial and central government for 225 village construction projects and information record of 1000 dilapidated houses that need to be renovated. We will make advances in the renovation of the adobe houses in the city and accelerate the progress of the construction of sewage treatment facilities and waste disposal facilities in the counties.

Mianyang continued to make efforts to improve the living conditions for the poor in rural areas in the past years. Last year, Mianyang applied for assistance fund of RMB 57.582 million from the provincial government. The fund was used for the renovation of dilapidated houses and over 3427 dilapidated rural houses were renovated.

This year, Mianyang will continue to make efforts in construction of villages and poverty alleviation. According to The Plan, Mianyang will focus on infrastructure improvement in villages, renovation of dilapidated houses, renovation of the adobe houses, and environmental improvement in rural areas. We will establish 225 projects for poor villages, and complete the renovation of 1000 dilapidated houses, with the aim of completing 30% of the overall tasks in renovation of dilapidated houses in the city. We will also supervise the construction of 255 sewage treatment facilities in the countryside, and finish our targets and tasks in improvement of sewage treatment facilities to improve the houses and living conditions in rural areas.

According to The Plan, Mianyang Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Office will be responsible for construction of facilities in the new village with a plan to seek financial assistance of RMB 130 million from the provincial government for construction of infrastructure in the new village. An official from Mianyang Municipal Agriculture Rural Affairs Office said that in the first quarter, our job is mainly to distribute tasks among different departments and coordinate subsidy funds. In the second quarter, all construction projects will start and over 50% of projects should be under construction. In the third quarter, the construction projects will all start and we will supervise the construction and improve the projects. In the fourth quarter, we will strengthen our supervision and conduct assessments on the projects.

Mianyang Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau will be responsible for the renovation of adobe houses in rural areas. The official from this bureau said that the renovation of adobe houses in the rural area is a new project added in The Plan compared with The Plan in last year. "We checked 197800 adobe houses in rural areas last year. We plan to complete 30% of overall renovation plan this year and consider four tasks including the renovation of poor households as our priorityˇ±, he said.

In order to ensure completion of our annual targets and tasks this year, The Plan developed a series of safeguard measures. In terms of fund management, the funds for local budgets and overall arrangements will be managed in accordance with the Provisional Measures for the Administration of Subsidy Funds for Dilapidated Rural Houses From the Central Government and the funds will be managed in a specific account to prevent interception, and divertion the money to other uses and embezzling the money. In respect of organizational guarantee and overall coordination, we will conduct monthly adjustment and use battle chart to ensure that governments at the county level take the primary responsibility for housing security. We will also conduct the onsite assessment and implement accountability. Meanwhile, The Plan also proposes requirements for house quality and construction progress. Source: Yang Caixia, all-media intern reporter from Mianyang daily