A Meeting was Held to Solicit Opinions from Retiring Veteran Cadres and All Sectors of Society on the Report on the Work of the Government in Mianyang

Yan Chao and Other City Leaders Attended the Meeting

On April 2, the People's Government of Mianyang City held a meeting to solicit the opinions from the retiring Veteran Cadres and all sectors of society on the Report on the Work of the Government, inviting certain deputies to municipal-and-provincial-level people's congresses from the community and enterprises, CPPCC members of the municipal committee, retiring veteran cadres, people from the non-Communist parties and those without party affiliation. Their opinions and suggestions on the Report on the Work of the Government were solicited on the meeting. Yan Chao, member of the Standing Committee of the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

Li Jingping, vice chairman of Mianyang Committee of the CPPCC and chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of Mianyang City, Shen Qilin, vice chairman of Mianyang Committee of the CPPCC and chairman of Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party of Mianyang City and Tian Ronghua, vice chairman of Mianyang Committee of the CPPCC and chairman of China Public Interest Party of Mianyang City also attended the meeting.

At the meeting, many of participants enthusiastically expressed their opinion and suggestions. They all agreed that the economic and social development of the city in the past one year was good with positive performance. The Report on the Work of the Government reviews the government's work in 2017 in a comprehensive and in-depth way with detailed data. The Report analyzed the problems based on the facts with a focus on priority tasks and proposes practical measures and main tasks for the work in 2018. They also put forward suggestions on economic development, the construction of science and technology city, ecological and environmental protection, and government services. They communicated and discussed with each other with sincere heart and equality.

Yan Chao listened carefully to their opinions and kept taking notes. He also discussed with them on relevant issues. Yan expressed his gratitude for their care and support for the government's work. He said that the government will sort out, study and absorb all their opinions and suggestions to make efforts to make the Report more in line with the requirements of the central, provincial, and municipal committees, and adapts to the actual development of Mianyang and meets with the public's expectations. At the same time, the government will take their opinions in specific work, and strive to make the government's work more pracital, effective, and productive.