Liu Chao Hosts the Third Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the CPC of the Municipal Government

Uphold the ¡°six consistent principles¡± and usher in a new era for the development of Mianyang

(Mianyang News) On April 2, Liu Chao, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor of the city, presided over the Third Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the CPC of the municipal government. He summarized the work done in 2017, arranged the incoming work for 2018, and reviewed The Report on Government Work (Discussion Draft) and other reports.

Liu Chao pointed out in his speech that in the past year, the city¡¯s economic strength has reached a new height, positive progress has been made in building Mianyang as a national science and technology city, solid steps have been taken in reform and opening up, the well-being of the people¡¯s livelihood has been continuously improved, the ecological environment has been improved in an overall way, and various goals and tasks for economic and social development have been successfully completed.

Liu Chao stressed that at present, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and economic and social development of Mianyang has entered a new phase. The new situation and new tasks facing the new era and new stage have put forward new and higher requirements for the work of the government. In order to create a new development situation in Mianyang in the new era, we must uphold the ¡°six consistent principles¡±:

The first consistent principle is to adhere to party leadership. Over the past few years, we have carried the party¡¯s overall leadership throughout all aspects of the government¡¯s work and the entire process. We have strengthened political awareness, ideological consciousness, and action awareness. We have made every effort to push forward the central government¡¯s policies, the provincial party committee¡¯s strategies to make Sichuan province prosperous, and implement the municipal committee¡¯s decisions and deployment. Practices have proved that upholding and strengthening the party¡¯s overall leadership is the prerequisite for all work. We must be politically correct, steadfastly and consciously hold Xi Jinping¡¯s Thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as a guideline, and resolutely safeguard the authority as well as the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Only under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee, can we better perform government functions, ensure all tasks are pushing forward in the right direction and along the right path, and continue to achieve new results.

The second consistent principle is to adhere to development as the top priority. In the past few years, in the face of the biggest market conditions with unbalanced and insufficient development, we have adhered to development as the top priority. To that end, we have accelerated the construction of a modern industrial system and a modern infrastructure system, continued to expand investment and consumption, made efforts to lay a solid foundation so as to help the city¡¯s economic development to gain a sound momentum marked by ¡°expanded aggregate output, structural optimization, quality and efficiency improvement, kinetic energy conversion, and enhanced stamina¡±. Practices have proved that only by insisting on economic construction as the core and constantly increasing the total economic output and improving the quality of development, can we be invincible in the increasingly fierce regional competition. We must adhere to such strategies as transformation-based development, innovation-based development and leapfrogging development, conscientiously implement new development concepts, deepen supply-side structural reforms, and strive to achieve higher quality, more efficient, more equitable, and more sustainable development.

The third principle is to adhere to reform and opening up. In the past few years, we have continued to emancipate our minds, continued to innovate ideas, systems and mechanisms, methods and means. By taking these measures, we have promoted re-liberation of ideology, deepened reforms and opening up, and continuously enhanced the vitality of development. Practices have proved that only by solving the difficulties in development through reform and expanding the room for development through opening-up, can we activate resource elements and enhance the vitality of development. It is necessary to continuously advance the comprehensive deepening reform, fully release the huge potential for Mianyang¡¯s development, continuously enhance the levels and degrees of opening up, and accelerate building Mianyang as a new highland in the west of China.

The fourth principle is to adhere to preventing and resolving major risks. In the past few years, we have strengthened risk prejudgment, effectively solved risks, and improved a long-term effective mechanism to effectively prevent and resolve various types of risks. Practices have proved that only by preventing and resolving major risks, can we ensure the sustained and healthy economic development and the overall social harmony and stability. It is necessary to further enhance the sense of urgency, adhere to the overall tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, adhere to problem orientation, and firmly hold onto the ¡°three bottom lines¡± of social stability, safe production, and food and drug safety, in a bid to create a good environment for promoting Mianyang¡¯s development in the new era.

The fifth principle is to adhere to ensuring and improving people¡¯s livelihood in development. In the past few years, we have taken Mianyang people¡¯s longing for better life as the goal of the government¡¯s work, increased investment in people¡¯s livelihood, solved problems concerning people¡¯s livelihood, made up for the short plate of people¡¯s livelihood, and promoted the continuous improvement of people¡¯s livelihood. Practices have proved that only by maintaining and promoting the fundamental interests of the mass as the starting point for all work, can we promote the scientific development, accelerate Mianyang¡¯s development and thus pool stronger forces. We must always adhere to the ideal of people-centered development, continue to improve the public service system, ensure the basic livelihood of the people, promote social fairness and justice, and make the people¡¯s sense of acquisition, well-being, and security more fulfilling, more secure, and more sustainable.

The sixth consistent principle is to adhere to pragmatism. Over the past few years, we have always put pragmatism as the motto of the government¡¯s work, sought to take a long-term perspective, to be practical and effective, and to avoid refraining from acting. We have worked hard to increase the city¡¯s ¡°development index¡± and the people¡¯s ¡°happiness index¡± through the government¡¯s ¡°pragmatism index¡±.  Practices have proved that only by persisting in seeking truth and being pragmatic, doing practical work, reviewing facts, figuring out practical solutions, dealing with practical matters, and seeking practical results, can we overcome various difficulties on the way forward and achieve major breakthroughs and great development in all fields of work. We must continue to maintain a work style which urges us to be truth-seeking. We must be pragmatic and hardworking, and strive to create performance that can withstand practices, history, and people¡¯s inspection.

Liu Chao emphasized that the ¡°six consistent principles¡± and the ¡°five tasks¡± proposed on the First Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the CPC of the municipal government are the crystallization of collective wisdom, a portrayal of our lively practices, the result of our joint efforts and valuable experience in doing government work well. Therefore, we must cherish them, continue to adhere to them, and constantly enrich and improve them in practices. We must unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core. Under the strong leadership of the provincial party committee, the provincial government and the municipal party committee, we must forge ahead with innovation, strive for progress and work hard so as to make greater contributions to promoting the development of Mianyang in the new era.

City leaders Yan Chao, Yang Xuening, Wang Minghua, Jing Dazhong, Sun Fuquan, Jiang Liying, Luo Zongzhi, Zhao Yingchun, and Luo Meng, summarized the deployment and management work. Political commissar of Mianyang military sub-district, Wang Zeyuan, Assistant to Mayor, Wen Jian, and Secretary of the municipal government, Tan Gang, attended the meeting.

(Ma Xinyou and Li Zhihao: all-media reporters from Mianyang Daily)