Mianyang Unveils the Implementation Plan for Water Conservancy Construction and Poverty Alleviation in 2018

Supporting the Development of Village with Water Conservancy to Solve the Water Problem in Rural areas

Mianyang unveiled the Implementation Plan for Water Conservancy Construction and Poverty Alleviation in 2018 (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan") recently. In order to complete all the key tasks of the water conservancy construction and poverty alleviation project in 2018, the special fund for water conservancy construction and poverty alleviation in 2018 will be a total of RMB 357.43 million. It will be used to protect the water in rural villages and ensure that the water quality meets the standard to provide clean drinking water for people there.

The Plan focuses on helping Pingwu Country, 225 villages and 35.897 million people to get out of poverty as the targets and tasks for 2018. The Plan proposes that we should accelerate the construction of water conservancy projects in water source protection, water facilities and water environmental protection. We should also conduct training for professionals in water conservancy and deepen the reform of water conservancy management system. In rural counties, the government should employ an inspector for the non-profit water conservancy projects to improve the water facilities in poor areas.

According to the Plan, we will actively carry out the water safety improvement projects in rural areas and adopts the approach of getting larger cities to help smaller ones, urban areas helping rural areas, large cities working with small towns and small ones working with each other. We will address the water problem for people in rural areas by establishing and expanding water facilities and renovation to improve the water safety in the rural areas.

How can water conservancy projects help with poverty alleviation? An official from Mianyang Municipal Water Affairs Bureau said that specifically, we will promote the construction of flood prevention projects and the large and medium-size projects for main water source and continue to establish Jinfeng Reservoir, Kaimao Reservoir, Shenshui Reservoir, and implement the safety improvement for 10 small dilapidated reservoirs to provide water source guarantee for the economic and social development in poor areas. In addition, during the crucial year of poverty alleviation, relevant departments will promote the improvement of large and medium-size irrigation facilities in the second irrigated areas in Wuying in rural areas. They will also adopt the measures that are suitable to local conditions and develop precise planning to achieve balance development between water conservancy and industrial development. They will implement the strategy of supporting the development of villages with water conservancy and put the construction of canal system as the priority, and promote the construction of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation projects such as pipeline water supply, sprinkler irrigation, and micro-irrigation to solve the problems in the water facilities in rural areas.

Flood management and soil erosion are also challenges faced by the village in rural areas. Thus, Mianyang will also implement projects in terms of flood protection and management, small and medium-size river management, management of major tributaries, and prevention and control of soil erosion. The city will also establish the flood and drought prevention and disaster mitigation system in rural areas, to improve the living conditions of the poor and water environment in rural areas.

"In order to ensure the effective and orderly implementation of our work, we will focus on the poverty alleviation for poor villages and households and urge the water conservancy departments at the county level to conduct demand survey to get better understanding of the need for water conservancy projects in rural areas", said the official. The official also said that good measures also need financial support. In order to complete the main tasks in water conservancy construction and poverty alleviation for the year 2018, the fund for this project will be RMB 357.43 million, which is mainly used for drinking water safety projects, continued construction of medium-sized reservoirs, safety improvement for small-sized dilapidated reservoirs, facilities for large and medium-sized irrigation projects, high-efficiency water-saving projects, small and medium river management projects, and water and soil conservation projects.