Mianyang Uses the Online Auditing Platform to Enhance the Effectiveness of Audit Supervision

Connecting to the Real-time Financial System and Automatic Analysis of financial data

With efforts in the past year, Mianyang is the first city in Sichuan province that has established an online auditing platform which can lock the audit doubt, display the audit results, and support audit-related decision-making. The platform covers 9 counties, 260 towns, 598 governmental departments at the county level, 634 schools, and 269 health institutions. The platform connects with the real-time financial systems, conducts real-time automatic auditing and analysis of financial data, and collects data on a regular basis, which serves as an online auditing platform for various departments and systems. The platform has locked over 2,900 audit doubts and displayed the amount of RMB 4,246,400 obtained by violated behavior and RMB 372 million from illegal management since its establishment.

Based on the data collected from the platform, the city's audit department has established a total of 247 analysis models covering budget management, corporate card management, and departmental budget. It also conducts automatic online audits based on business types, capital flows, and accounting standards, which build up a new platform for audit of budget execution. In the special auditing of poverty alleviation funds, affordable housing projects, and new rural cooperative funds, the audit department used the online auditing platform to improve data analysis and comparison, and diagnosed over 13 problems such as inefficiencies in the use of working capital for alleviation, the affordable housing fund sits idle, and illegally getting new rural cooperative funds. Meanwhile, the audit department handed over 114 pieces of suspicious information to the financial department or other competent authorities and provides information for four cases of disciplinary violations to the department of discipline supervision by the cooperation and verification mechanism of ˇ°information sharing coordinated cooperation and result-sharing.ˇ±