This Year¡¯s Ecological Poverty Alleviation Will Be Weighted Toward Poor Counties

Mianyang issues the Implementation Plan of Mianyang¡¯s Special Project of Ecological Construction Poverty Alleviation in 2018

(Mianyang News) (reporter: Su Donghua) In recent years, Mianyang has promoted the treatment and protection of ecological environment. This mainly owes to the joint efforts of many government organs in ecological construction and management, which include the Forestry Bureau, the Development and Reform Commission, the Water Supplies Bureau, the Agricultural Bureau, the Environmental Protection Bureau and the Land Resources Bureau. A few days ago, Mianyang issued the Implementation Plan of Mianyang¡¯s Special Project of Ecological Construction Poverty Alleviation in 2018. The Plan clearly proposes that Mianyang will thoroughly implement the concept of ¡°lucid water and lush mountains are invaluable assets¡± and uphold the green development philosophy of giving priority to ecology. Mianyang is planning to invest 477 million yuan in this field and its poverty alleviation of ecological construction will be weighted toward poor counties. Mianyang will pick up the pace of ecological management in vulnerable areas and promote the coordinated development between ecological environment as well as economy and society in poor areas.

In 2017, Mianyang returned 617,500 mu of farmland to forests, afforested an area of 549,000 mu, and planted 6.2833 million trees in total. Meanwhile, it also instructed poor villages to develop industries and expand the scale of planting and cultivation of rattan peppers and walnuts. It improved the greening coverage of impoverished areas, and further increased farmers¡¯ income. Besides, Mianyang continued to advance pollution prevention focusing on air, water, and soil. It kept implementing the contiguous remediation projects of rural environment in impoverished areas, such as Santai, Yanting and Beichuan, improving the rural infrastructure for environmental protection. The number of days with excellent air in 2017 was 295. And the rate of water quality reaching the standard of drinking water sources in cities, villages and towns registered 100%.

¡°The construction of Mianyang¡¯s major ecological engineering, including natural forest protection, returning farmland to forests, and wetland rejuvenation, will be weighted toward poor counties this year. We will speed up the ecological management in vulnerable areas,¡± said an official from the Municipal Forestry Bureau. He also stated that the Plan shows Mianyang will carry out ecological protection construction, promote the utilization of ecological resources, implement the management of human settlement, and push forward the prevention, reduction and avoidance of natural disasters and other key tasks. Mianyang has made clear the division of responsibilities, and promoted the implementation of all tasks. In 2018, Mianyang plans to invest 477 million yuan. With the investment, Mianyang will protect 7,947,800 mu of public welfare forests by law, consolidate 617,500 mu of forests by returning farmland, build 63,500 mu of high-standard farmland green demonstration area, and comprehensively treat 30 square kilometers of water and soil erosion. Mianyang will also implement comprehensive ecological management in ecologically fragile areas and guarantee 919 public posts of forest rangers.

¡°Mianyang will promote the nurture of young and middle-aged forests and the transformation of low-yield and low-efficiency forests so as to  improve the forest quality, ecological service function, and economic output accurately,¡± said the official mentioned above. We will encourage the entire village to advance the pilot project of forestry poverty alleviation and adopt comprehensive measures to improve the efficiency of forestry ecological poverty alleviation. As a result, more poverty-stricken people can obtain labor income through direct participation in the afforestation project. In response to the ecology-related jobs that low income families concern, counties, county-level cities and districts will set up a special cooperatives for poverty alleviation and afforestation this year to offer a batch of public posts of ecological forestry ranger. These posts will be directly open to poor people.

In terms of promoting the utilization of ecological resources, Mianyang will make great efforts to develop the ecotourism and eco-health and elderly care industries, and optimize the interest-linking mechanism between the ecotourism management entities and poor households; at the same time, it will also support farmers to actively cultivate understory herbs as well as forest vegetables, and develop the understory ecological breeding industry. Thus, lucid waters and lush mountains will turn into invaluable assets that enrich the masses.

¡°Mianyang will continue to boost the pollution prevention focusing on air, water, and soil,¡± said a related official from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. He also stated that a farmland soil pollution information database will be established in Anzhou District. We will use the staging and classifying remediation and treatment technologies analyzing barriers from the source to conduct the soil remediation and treatment programs at different levels. Besides, we will delimit the centralized drinking water source protection zones of villages and towns for the undefined areas where the centralized drinking water source protection zones of villages and towns need to be adjusted. And we will strengthen the pollution control of agricultural non-point source, enhance the management of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other inputs, and intensify the control of heavy metal pollution in agricultural production areas.

It¡¯s known that Mianyang has driven targeted poverty alleviation through the ecological construction poverty alleviation, and further solved the green development challenges in ecologically fragile areas. It helps people get rid of poverty and lead a well-off life through solid work, realizing a ¡°win-win result¡± between economic development and ecological construction.