Mianyang Promotes Ecological Compensation and Pollution Control along the Fujiang Basin

In recent years, Mianyang has focused on pollution prevention and control. It has paid great attention to the ecological compensation and pollution control along the Fujiang Basin. It is dedicated to winning the tough battle of improving the water environment by taking a package of measures.

First, strengthening overall planning. Mianyang has combined the ecological compensation for the Fujiang basin with accelerating the scientific development and the construction of national ecological civilization pilot demonstration areas. It has also established a special fund for ecological compensation for the water environment of the Fujiang basin. The fund was supported by the municipal government, the counties of Mianyang and industrial parks. This approach has helped raise more money for the ecological compensation for the Fujiang basin, thus promoting the sustainable development of the upper reaches of the basin and improving the quality of the water environment throughout the basin.

Second, strengthening scientific governance. Mianyang has steadily made the water environment management of the Fujiang basin more scientific and effective in the long run. It has transformed the development model from post-pollution governance to pre-pollution prevention. The focus of governance has been on upstream conservation and capacity building. 40% of counties' and industrial parks' paid revenue and the city¡¯s annual fiscal funds for special projects has been used for the ecological compensation for 6 upstream counties such as Pingwu and Beichuan. The remaining funds have been used for the city¡¯s water environment protection, relevant capability building, the publicity and training of environmental protection and public welfare, with the construction of township sewage treatment facilities at the core. In the areas where township sewage treatment facilities have been fully equipped, the construction of sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipe networks in townships and industrial parks shall be supported.

Third, paying close attention to project supervision. Mianyang has established the leading group in charge of the ecological compensation and levying fees for the bad water quality of the Fujiang basin under the leadership of the deputy mayor. It has also issued The Interim Measures for the Use and Management of the Special Funds for the Ecological Compensation for the Water Environment of Mianyang¡¯s Fujiang Basin to regulate the use and management of special funds. Each year, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the Municipal Bureau of Finance take the lead to formulate application plans for the water environment improvement project of the Fujiang basin. Before implementing projects, experts were organized to review them. During the process of implementation, the municipal competent administrative department of the relevant industry would regularly monitor and examine the use and management of the funds. After the completion of projects, performance evaluation of the project funds was made to ensure that projects were implemented scientifically and accurately, and the use of funds was standardized and efficient.

Fourth, continuing increasing investment. Mianyang has issued The Notice on Deeply Implementing the Ecological Compensation System and Levying Fees for the Bad Water Quality of the Fujiang Basin and raised more funds for the water environment management of the Fujiang basin. During the period from 2015 to 2017, the capital investment in the water environment improvement of the Fujiang basin has achieved substantial growth for three consecutive years. Pollution prevention and treatment funds have increased from 5 million yuan to 30.775 million yuan; Ecological compensation funds have increased from 5 million yuan to 44.53 million yuan. In the past three years, a total of 101.455 million yuan has been invested, with an average growth rate of 227.75%.

Editor: Liu Yi