Mianyang Makes Greater Efforts to Boost Yi District's Poverty Alleviation

"Blood transfusion" for People's livelihood and "hematopoiesis" by industry

(Mianyang News) (edited by Wu Songyun, Ji Jianjun; reporter, YuanYuan)

On March 7th, a snow visited Zhaojue county of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, and the temperature dropped to minus 1ˇć. However, it was warm in the Morchella greenhouse in Xianghuopu Village of Jiefang county. Chen Xiang, deputy director of the office of the front command of Zhaojue county, along with the villagers, were arranging the sheds and filling the water for the crops. "We can harvest them in May." Chen Xiang was counting up the bill, "we have 1.7 mu of strawberry, yielding about 200 kg per mu, and 5.7 mu of Morchella, yielding 100 kg per mu. We will have about 100 thousand yuan of income. After that, if mushrooms and green peppers are planted, we will gain another amount of income, and by then the poor households will also share a lot of money. "

Huopu is a poor village in Zhaojue county. Due to the help of Fucheng District, now it has a brand-new look, and is full of vitality. Houses with black tiles and white walls are well-proportioned, asphalt roads are broad and flat, and solar street lamps, solar water heaters, and planting greenhouses are scattered here. We have also built the industrial cooperatives and implemented the equity poverty alleviation mechanism.

According to the unified deployment of the provincial government, Zhaojue county and Butuo county in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture are assigned to Fucheng District and Jiangyou City respectively. Since the launch of the helping work, based on the local conditions, we have set infrastructure construction as the underpinning, industry development as the pushing force, to build a progressive assistant system. We have arranged funds, projects and talents to the Yi area, and spared no pains to remove barriers, to create a more multi-level, multi-form and omni-directional sustainable and targeted aid pattern of poverty alleviation. Thanks to the help from Mianyang, ratifying changes are taking place in Zhaojue and Butuo.

We have data to corroborate the change. Last year, Fucheng District invested 22.88 million yuan, and implemented 39 aid projects. Jiangyou city invested 48 million yuan and implemented 34 aid projects. We have assisted 26 poor villages and 1120 households of 4302 people in Zhaojue county, and 22 poor villages, 1026 households of 4737 people in Butuo county to exit or out of poverty, respectively.

The well-being of the people's livelihood is the starting point and the foothold of the Yi-helping work. We adhere to the priority of protecting and improving people's livelihood and consider the safety of housing construction as a must. We have completed the street construction, latrine pit transformation and other infrastructure construction, and established and improved the actual public service system in accordance with the local conditions. We have focused on education, health and security technology. At present, we have established a sound teacher school management mechanism, including cadre exchange, inter schools twinning education assistance. We have perfected health institutions upgrading, medical personnel training, and enhanced the overall level of medical technology of the recipient counties. We have also implemented the rural civilization construction, to create "four good village" and "four good family", and to boost the local people to develop good habits.

To shake off poverty, in addition to the "blood transfusion" aid, more cannot do without "hematopoiesis-like" help. According to the specific characteristics of the region, culture and nation, we have helped the development of the local special breeding, livestock animal husbandry, as well as global tourism. We have built the Fu Zhao Modern Agricultural Demonstration Garden, BuJiang Shufeng Modern Agricultural Sci-tech Demonstration Industrial Park in Zhaojue and Butuo. We have actively promoted the ˇ°cooperative + base + farmersˇ± model, and changed the funds shares, such as to change the poverty alleviation fund to equity quantitative mass poverty dividends, and to enhance the endogenous power.

Leveraging the influence of the Science and Technology Expo and E-commerce Summit, we have vigorously promoted the special agricultural and sideline products in Zhaojue and Butuo and carried out the cultivation certification of the three products and one indication (pollution-free agricultural products, green products, organic agricultural products, and the geographical indications of agricultural products). We have explored the marketing model of physical store plus online store, to promote a variety of agricultural products sales model, including the direct origin of customization, online booking and integration of online and offline selling, so as to help the local agricultural products go out of the mountains. At the same time, due to the rich tourism resources in two counties, we have tried the tourism development planning in Zhaojue and Butuo, aiming to enhance the management level of developing a modern tourism.

It is understood that next, we will firmly commit to win the battle of poverty alleviation in extremely poor areas, to deepen poverty alleviation cooperation, and to strive to achieve the "poverty co-alleviation, resource sharing, market co-construction, and win-win cooperation".