The 2018 Unannounced Visits and Inspection of Poverty Alleviation and Full-Coverage Training Meeting for Supervision and Mobilization of Mianyang Is Held

Fu Kang attends and addresses the meeting.

Mianyang Daily (reporter: Zhao Ye) The 2018 unannounced visits and inspection of poverty alleviation and the first round of full-coverage training meeting for supervision and mobilization of Mianyang was held on March 12. The meeting arranged for the annual unannounced visits and inspection and the upcoming first round of full-coverage supervision. Fu Kang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Fu Kang pointed out that the implementation of unannounced visits and  inspection of poverty alleviation and full-coverage supervision is a practical move to exercise the spirit of the important speeches made by the General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Sichuan; it is also a pragmatic action to ensure that Mianyang¡¯s annual poverty alleviation goals and tasks are fully achieved and to help yield fruits in the year of  work style construction of poverty alleviation. All departments at different levels should give high priority to policy and overall situation. They must increase understanding, raise awareness, and make every effort to ensure the desired results of unannounced visits and inspection of poverty alleviation and full-coverage supervision through careful organization, active cooperation, and proactive support.

Fu Kang stressed that we should do a good job of unannounced visits and inspection of poverty alleviation with a strict work style. We should further perfect the system and mechanism and establish a sound, unobstructed and full-coverage work system of unannounced visits and inspections; we should normalize unannounced visits and inspections and strive to fully cover all administrative villages and poor people within one year. We should further highlight the focus of our work; we should carry out unannounced visits and inspections by mainly focusing on ¡°two assurances and three guarantees¡± as well as ¡°three implementations¡± of responsibility, work, and policy. We should further improve the level of our ability, organize business training in a serious manner, and fully understand various policies and measures on poverty alleviation; we should strictly control the acceptance standards of poverty withdrawal as they are engraved on our mind and we know them like the palm of our hands. We should further innovate methods and work creatively to ensure that the problems we find are true and accurate and they are rectified on time. We should implement the first round of full-coverage supervision well by coordinating the whole organization. All departments at different levels should earnestly attach great importance to the supervision and carefully study its procedures and indicators; they should strictly control poverty alleviation standards and supervision standards, grasp the time nodes and focus of work, find out problems through substantial supervision, focus on problems and make sure their rectification; they should carry out this full-coverage supervision in a rigorous and solid manner with resolve to ensure a good start for annual poverty alleviation.

Fu Kang required that all departments at different levels should effectively strengthen their responsibilities, select excellent and strong teams, implement the work and enforce strict discipline requirements; they should also spare no efforts to guarantee the quality and effect of the unannounced visits and inspections and the full-coverage supervision. Thus they will make new and greater contributions to Mianyang¡¯s successional victory in its on-going fight against poverty.