Mianyang Consolidates and Develops the Achievements of National Hygiene City

To further consolidate and enhance the building of National Hygiene City, a few days ago, the municipal party committee office and the municipal government office jointly issued the Review Work Program of National Hygiene City of Mianyang in 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the Program. It makes comprehensive arrangements for the reviewing work and clarifies the tasks, requirements, and time nodes for the reviewing work of each responsible unit.

The Program points out that in order to deeply carry out the mass patriotic public health movement, we must adhere to the combination of addressing both the symptoms and root cause, special rectification and comprehensive promotion, and phased remediation and long-term management. By doing so, we could comprehensively improve the control level of urban hygiene management, consolidate and develop the achievements of national hygiene city and promote the construction of healthy Mianyang.

The Program identifies eight aspects and makes corresponding detailed arrangements, including the management of the patriotic health organization, health education and health promotion, urban environmental sanitation, environmental protection, hygiene in key places, food and drinking water safety, public health and medical services, and prevention and control of vector organism. Among which, the five key rectification actions are the key work: comprehensive rectification actions on urban environment. We should adopt various kinds of measures to promote the transformation from urban management to urban governance, vigorously regulating the environmental hygiene of key areas, such as side streets and alleys, old communities, urban villages and urban-rural junctions. We should make efforts to solve the hot issues that the mass concerns the most, like occupying streets to run a small business, waste-purchasing stations, stalls of morning market and night market, illegally raising poultry, etc. We will comprehensively clean up breaking-law buildings. We will carry out the rectification actions on trade market in accordance with relevant requirements: complete the upgrading of urban trade market, strictly supervise the hygiene of delicatessens in the trade market, strengthen the regulation of hygiene and operation around the trade market, eliminate illegal operation and improve basic hygiene facilities, categorize the goods and standardize the management and ensure that the market is clean and orderly. We should carry out hygienic rectification of key places, earnestly conducting quantitative classification of hygiene supervision in public places. We should enhance the hygienic rectification of six smallˇ± industries in public places such as stations, markets, schools, surrounding villages, urban villages and urban-rural fringe zones. We should ensure that the hygiene license of public place is complete and valid, employees have obtained valid health certificates, the indoor and outdoor environments are clean and tidy and that the facilities meet the requirements of the corresponding national standards. In terms of food safety rectification actions, we should build and improve the entire supervision mechanism of food safety; we should ensure that the management rate of quantified classification of food safety in catering industry and group canteens is above 90% and all the employees have obtained valid health certifications. As for the prevention and control of vector organism, we should adhere to the principle of "addressing both the symptoms and root causes" and mainly focusing on the root causes and organize the prevention and treatment of vector organism in the spring and autumn. We should further improve the market-oriented operation mechanism, improve the quality and level of work, ensuring that density of ˇ°rats, mosquitoes, flies, cockroachesˇ± in the urban areas meet the requirements of the national hygiene city standards.

In addition, the Program requires that all districts (parks), various departments and units should firmly establish the city's "one game of chess" ideology, further enhance understanding, strengthen leadership, carefully organize activities and pay close attention to the implementation. It requires that all the relevant units should strengthen supervision and evaluation, earnestly perform their duties, in order to form a good situation in which each takes its own responsibilities and makes concerted efforts. They should take this as an opportunity to comprehensively improve the level of urban hygiene, strengthen long-term management and ensure that Mianyang is worthy of the National Hygiene (Peng Xue, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily, Wen Juan, intern)