Mianyang Actively Explores "1 Plus 2 Plus 3" and "Land Remediation Plus" New Model

(Mianyang News) On January 5, our reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources that since last year, Mianyang has actively explored the implementation of "land remediation plus" pilot project. By adopting the "1 plus 2 plus 3" model, it has combined the traditional land organizing work with high-standard farmland construction, agricultural modernization, precise poverty alleviation, overall urban and rural development and ecological civilization construction. This will give full play to the platform and foundation role of land remediation and help the smooth construction of the beautiful and happy new villages in Mianyang.

Promote the implementation of project through "in-depth investigationˇ±. Since 2017, after thoroughly understanding the project operation mode and process, the Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources has carried out on-the-spot investigations in counties (cities and districts) for many times. After listening to the report of industry development made by local government and investigating the basic situation of the project area, it finally determined the ˇ°land remediation plus" pilot project in areas like Youxian, Beichuan and Jiangyou, combining the project requirements with the actual local condition.

"Have the funds in place" to ensure the quality of projects. Have the funds in place. In response to the large capital gap faced in the construction of the high-standard basic farmland in our city, we actively sought provincial land remediation funds of 168 million yuan and resolved this problem. Have the management in place. We included the "land remediation plus" project in the rectangular-array management plan and implemented it on the schedule. Last year, the record rate of city's project reached 100%, and the announcement rate of the tender notice was 100%; the announcement rate of bids result was 100%.

Accelerate poverty alleviation through "exploration". Explore "land remediation plus poverty alleviation" and improve the rural agricultural base. We are inclined to give the land remediation projects to impoverished villages to fully tap the land potential of poor villages and effectively improve the quality of cultivated land. In the impoverished villages of Pingwu, Beichuan, and Handan, eight projects were implemented, with an investment of 76.6207 million yuan, and 54491.92 mu of land were remedied. Explore "land remediation plus industrial development" to boost farmers' wealth. Through the land remediation of rural land, a pattern of "connecting ditches, roads and farmlandsˇ± was formed. We guided land use and circulation. Farmers' income was converted from single agricultural production income to multiple streams of income, including land rent, dividends, income from employment, etc. Explore "land remediation plus rural tourism" to increase farmers' income from tourism. Taking the implementation of ""land remediation plus" as an opportunity to promote the upgrading of rural tourism industry, breaking the "three short" bottleneck and increasing the income of the farmers' tourism industry. (Jiang Tao, Zhao Ye, all-media reporters from Mianyang Daily)