Jiangyou Is Nominated for the National Civilized City

(Mianyang News) (Reporter, Guo Ruoxue) Recently, the Central Civilization Office determined the 391 national nominated Civilized Cities, municipalities directly under the central government, and counties in 2018-2020, of which Jiangyou has been one of them.

It is understood that the National Civilized City is the highest honor among all comprehensive evaluation of the national cities and is also the most valuable city brand. There are 12 cities (including counties) in Sichuan province which obtained the nomination, including Deyang and Xichang. According to the Central Civilization Office, a National Civilized City is evaluated every 3 years, and the nomination is the ticket for it. After three years of efforts, the nominated city could participate in the evaluation of the National Civilized City. At present, including Chengdu and Mianyang, there are 5 National Civilized Cities in Sichuan province. The nomination of Jiangyou city is not only an recognition for our city-constructing work, but also a spur for us to build a better Jiangyou.