Mianyang Actively Guides the Social Organizations to Take Part in Poverty Alleviation

Editor's note: 2017 is the key year for making deeper progress in deepening the reform. Deepening reform advances vigorously in Mianyang. It has made deeper progress and has sprung up a number of role models for reform agriculture and rural areas, poverty alleviation, economic system reform, etc. It has reaped rewards and formed the reform experience. In order to fully reflect the vivid practices of deepening reform in Mianyang and further play the Mianyang's leading role in reform as pilot city, we will launch the column C focusing on achievements of deepening reform from today.

(Mianyang News) Mianyang has entered the winter. It's very cold but also has "beautiful scenery", decorating the winter with some spring colors - A lot of planting bases and breeding bases are thriving in the fields; there are many highlights in the assistance modes like industrial support, base driving and intelligence support among villages. Under the blue sky and white clouds is the beautiful countryside.

In recent years, Mianyang has been focusing on the general requirements proposed by the ninth plenary session of the sixth municipal Party committee C to lift all the rural poor out of poverty and ensure the realization of moderately prosperous society in Sichuan province". We actively explore innovative thinking, mobilize and guide social organizations to participate in poverty alleviation, and combine the forces of the private enterprises, civil society and other social forces. We explore the formation of interests linking mechanism between cooperatives and poor households and jointly strive to achieve the success of poverty alleviation.

We have adopted various forms of poverty alleviation and abundant poverty alleviation content.

We innovate "three ways" to condense the joint resources of all parties.

How to integrate various resources for variable capital has become the key.

During the promotion of accurate poverty alleviation, Mianyang innovates the institutional mechanisms of assistance, mobilize concerted efforts at all levels and departments and actively guide the mobilization of social organizations throughout the city to focusing on the goals. Therefore, we have formed a series of poverty alleviation modes like Zitong county "leading enterprises plus cooperatives plus the poor","5432" mode of Baohua pig farming cooperatives of Anzhou district. We strive to improve the poor households' earning ability through "guiding", "prepaying" and "giving".

"The cooperatives guide the poor households to develop industry by prepaying the capital and selling their products in a unified way," said relevant responsible person from municipal poverty alleviation and immigration bureau. Mianyang's flower-arranging poverty phenomenon is prominent; the material poverty and ability poverty coexist. However, these modes mentioned above could not only provide a new path for the poor households to lift out of poverty, but also solve the repoverty problem as well as problem of shell village.

In the actual development, local social organizations have always prioritized the interests of the poor. They not only adopt the methods like order purchase and guarantee purchase, but also return the rebates to the poor households for a second time to guarantee their interests and strengthen their confidence of poverty alleviation.

Poor households get benefits and develop industry; their lives become better and have bright prospects.

At the end of 2017, Song Hanming's home is bursting with happiness. He is underprivileged farmer from Langan village, Xuzhou town, Zitong county. He told reporters that he had got nearly 4,000-yuan bonus as he became the shareholder of Zitong Langan breeding professional cooperative through poverty alleviation loans. He said he didn't give any care about it but leaved it to the government and enterprises. "Pig has become a bag of money and I can have a good year!" Song Hanming grinned from ear to ear, "I'm old and not healthy; I really cannot imagine that I can get money in such an easy way!". "I use the money to buy a batch of chicks; I'm confident of a better life"

Set up a "center" to enhance the poor households' endogenous motivation to improve their earning ability

Under the warm winter sun, we walked into the Zizhou Zanthoxylum armatum DC. industry base, located at the third cooperative, Yangwugou village, Qianfeng town, Santai county.  We can see bunches of seedlings and the Zanthoxylum armatum DC. industry of the northwest areas is taking shape.

How to help farmers increase their income by relying on Zanthoxylum armatum DC.? Santai county adopts the development pattern of "leading enterprises plus base plus cooperatives plus farmers" to promote the development of the Zanthoxylum armatum DC. industry.

"Our company take the lead in establishing the professional cooperative of Zanthoxylum armatum DC.; we not only provide unified seed collection, raising of seedling and seedling field management, but also full technical guidance." Said Li Hua, the general manager of Zizhou Agricultural Science and Technology Company, Ltd. Farmers can not only transfer their land to the professional cooperatives and become shareholders through labor investment and earn the service fees, but also become shareholders through land investment. They could plant Zanthoxylum armatum DC. in the low-yield slope farmland to earn income.

In June this year, the five mu of Zanthoxylum armatum DC. planted by Fan Youju, a poor household, was sold at 10 yuan per kilogram and the net income was close to 25,000 yuan because of its high quality. "Last year, I took part in a lot of training sessions, and in accordance with the expert teaching step by step, the quality of the Zanthoxylum armatum DC. has been improved a lot." Fan Youju said happily, "In the past, the annual income from planting crops in the land is two thousand or three thousand yuan, but now is higher!"

A single chopstick is difficult to clip a dish, and one's wing is hard to fly. In addition to Santai Zanthoxylum armatum DC. professional cooperative, in recent years Mianyang has given full play to the leading roles of new business entities by establishing Mianyang social organization service center and the professional league composed by social organizations from agriculture, forestry, water affairs, poverty alleviation, supply and marketing and others. The league attracts leaders for becoming rich from impoverished villages and all kinds of private enterprises to join in. It helps various places to develop characteristic industries based on their actual conditions; it provides unified seedlings, technology and brand. It standardizes the poor households' scattered products and put them into scale production to increase their income.

Nowadays, all the regions in Mianyang has set up a large number of professional social organizations aimed at the industrial development of poverty-stricken areas, like Zanthoxylum armatum DC., kiwi, REX rabbit poverty-alleviation industry promotion organization. These organizations help 783 poor households to increase the income of about 4,000 yuan on average.

Building "a network" to form the great pattern of social poverty-alleviation

Poverty-alleviation program is a systematic project. To achieve the goals in a "fine, accurate and fast" way, strength of the whole city is needed.

In Mianyang, the pattern of "government promotion, platform support, social participation" is continuously improved though practices. Poverty-alleviation program has also taken advantages of "Internet plus". By establishing the "1431" management and service network for poverty-alleviation program, innovatively setting up a third-party poverty-alleviation network platform called "Sun commune", we guide the social poverty alleviation resources to accurately converge at the poor areas, thus promoting the new development of social poverty-alleviation.

How does the platform operate?

Open the "Sun commune" website, we can see the four columns like poverty-alleviation supermarket, poverty-alleviation volunteers, supervision and reporting and information releasing.  Demands in fields including industrial projects, infrastructure, production technology and other aspects from poor villages and households are all input. Benevolent enterprises (persons) could choose the way of helping according to their own situation.

"The poverty-alleviation fund is the 'life-saving money' for the poor people; we cannot use it." The relevant responsible persons in the city's poverty-alleviation immigration bureau said that the mobile APP has released the announcement of the poverty-alleviation funds raised by the website; where it is used and how much has it been used; the list is clear and the representatives from poor villages and social groups can view them at any time.

Huang Guoji is a poor, sickly villager from Jinlu village, Huangxi township, Yanting county. In the winter, the cold weather made him miserable. The first secretary of the village choreographed his needs into words and put it to the "Sun commune network". Two days later, benevolent persons pulled the electric blanket and oven that Huang Guoji needed into the village and sent them to his home.

These "love-docking" cases are numerous in Mianyang's "Internet plus social poverty-alleviation". According to incomplete statistics, at present, the donation fund of "Sun Commune" network (including material discount) has exceeded 2 million yuan. Information of a total of 5,177 poor households and 492 poor villages have been released, and more than 1,000 households have been paired with their benevolent ones.

Many hands make light work. Mianyang will unite all the strengths and try its best to win the battle of poverty alleviation. (Li Lingyue, Chen Wei, all media reporters from Mianyang Daily)