The 2017 ACPF Philatelic Exhibition Held in Mianyang

Mianyang 2017 ACPF Philatelic Exhibition (Changhong Cup), held by All-China Philatelic Federation (ACPF), kicked off at the exhibition center of China Science and Technology City (Mianyang) on August 8. President of All-China Philatelic Federation Yang Limin attended the opening ceremony, and ACPF executive vice president Xu Jianzhou, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee of the CPC Fu Kang delivered speeches.

Deputy chief of State Post Bureau of the People¡¯s Republic of China Zhao Rongguang, deputy general manager of China Post Zhang Ronglin, honorary president of Shanxi Philatelic Association Lv Rizhou, Sichuan Provincial Postal Administration Cheng JianZheng, general manager of China Post (Sichuan branch) Du Weihong, honorary president of Sichuan Provincial Philatelic Association Xue Kang, the member of the Standing Committee and minister of Publicity Department of the CPC Zhang Xuemin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Mianyang Municipal People¡¯s Congress Dai Shunxing, deputy mayor Luo Meng, vice chairman of Municipal Committee of the CPPCC Hu Anhu and general manager of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. Li Jin attended the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Fu Kang said that culture is the brand and soul of a city, and stamp is the best carrier for culture protection and inheritance as a ¡°national business card¡±. The 2017 ACPF Philatelic Exhibition is another whopping event for philatelic cultural exchanges since Mianyang had successfully held the 16th Asia International Stamp Exhibition in 2003. This exhibition also introduced various types of stamps with ¡°Mianyang elements¡±, which is of great importance to improve the cultural image of Mianyang and to shape the cultural brand of Mianyang. To that end, Mianyang endeavored to provide good services so as to present a colorful spiritual and cultural feast and to build a platform for the exchanges and cooperation of multiple cultures.

Mianyang is the one and only Science and Technology City in China, Xu Jianzhou said in his speech. The 2017 ACPF Philatelic Exhibition serves as an excellent philatelic cultural display and exchange platform for philately enthusiasts and the public. It is an important measure to improve the social influence of philatelic culture and national philatelic level. And it is a festival for philately enthusiasts and will surely contribute to the development of national philatelic culture.

At the exhibition, guests also unveiled ¡°Mianyang Philatelic Collection¡±, ¡°Mianyang 2017 ACPF Philatelic Exhibition¡± and other commemorative seals and commemorative postcards issued by China Post.

It is told that the 2017 ACPF Philatelic Exhibition is another whopping event for philatelic cultural exchanges since Mianyang had successfully held the 16th Asia International Stamp Exhibition in 2003. A group of 31 ACPF members attended the exhibition. Philately enthusiasts from different places of China and over 300 representatives from different provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) also came to visit.

As a national philatelic exhibition with specific themes, this exhibition displayed nearly 700 pieces. Among them, there are 474 pieces of competitive works, which are divided into the traditional type, the postal-historical type, the modern type and the open type. There are also 25 pieces of non-competitive works, including former excellent works provided by Sichuan province and exhibits provided by intern reviewers of this exhibition. In addition, the exhibition also displayed 98 pieces of philatelic works from 30 columns, such as the one named ¡°Post Road, Silk Road and Rejuvenation Road¡±, and 80 pieces of philatelic works from 42 columns provided by Mianyang philately enthusiasts. Other precious stamps like the Red Stamp, the Blue Soldier Stamp and the ¡°Gao¡± Stamp, also appeared at the exhibition, bringing a wonderful feast of philatelic culture to the general public.

It is told that this exhibition started from December 8 and lasted for three days. During the event, the creative postcard design contest, the ¡°Postal Cup¡± square dance final, the photography contest designed to shoot pictures for campus beauty and other activities, were held to creatively combine philatelic activities and social activities and to organically integrate philatelic culture and the public culture.

Source: Mianyang Daily (Reporter: Li Chunmei)