Mianyang Conducts the Broadcast Exhibition of Series of Feature Programme About Family Rules, Family Traditions and Patriotism

(Mianyang News) Recently, the notification to publicize the broadcast exhibition of Series of Feature Programme About Family Rules, Family Traditions and Patriotism was jointly issued by the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission and the publicity department of the Municipal Party Committee. According to the notification, departments at all levels should organize Party members and cadres to watch the feature programme at the same time and then save image data as well as collect their impressions of view widely so as to strongly carry out Chinese excellent traditional culture and absorb the essence of fine family rules and traditions.

It¡¯s known that the shoot of series of feature programme about family rules, family traditions and patriotism was approved by the Municipal Party Committee, headed by the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission and finished with the help of the publicity department of the Municipal Party Committee together with Jiangyou City, Zitong county, Yanting county and Beichuan Qiang Minority Autonomous County. During the shooting, we deeply explored Mianyang¡¯s culture and history, natural resources and excellent traditional culture based on its native cultural resources, including Li Bai, a great poet from Jiangyou, Wenchang town in Zitong County, the revolutionary history of ¡°city of atomic and hydrogen bombs¡±, Lei Zu, Qi Bo and Wen Tong, great people from Yanting, and Da Yu, a great ancestor from Beichuan. All of these are meant to carry out the research on the thought of traditional Chinese virtue in a deep-going way and push forward the collection and study of Sichuan¡¯s folk culture, family instructions and letters from home in order to explore the fine family traditions, instructions and rules of Sichuan through multiple channels, from various angles and in an all-round way and show the patriotism of people in Sichuan. From eminent historical figures to ancient clean-fingered officials, cultural evolution to family tradition inheritance, the series of feature programme has fully reflected Mianyang¡¯s splendid sedimentary accretion of culture and history in all ages. It has also showcased Mianyang¡¯s excellent traditional cultural deposits and family traditions that come down in one continuous line like gene family to the whole society.

The series of feature programme will serve as an important carrier to display Mianyang¡¯s culture and history, cultural evolution and tourism promotion. It will give full play to its role of ¡°educating people by culture silently¡±, advancing the philosophy of fine family traditions in society, fostering patriotism and building consensus of cultivating one¡¯s moral character and managing the family¡¯s affairs well with clean hands. By doing so, it will provide intellectual impetus and supports for the construction of a happy and beautiful Mianyang.

(Xie Yan, an all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)