Mianyang Continues to Maintain the Honorary Title of National Civilized City

On November 14, the Central Civilization Office announced the lists of the 5th national civilized cities and the previous national civilized cities which were reviewed and approved to maintain the honorary title. The Suining city and Luzhou city in our province also were among the lists.

Since August this year, according to the 2017th edition of ¡°the evaluation system for national civilized city¡± made by the Central Committee of Civilization, the Central Civilization Office strictly organized the selection work of the fifth national civilized city, in accordance with the selection procedures of cities¡¯ voluntary declaration, the provincial preferred recommendation, the central ministries¡¯ audit, organizational comprehensive evaluation, listening to public opinions, comprehensive scoring and media publicity. According to the three-year (2015,2016 and 2017) total evaluation results of the participating cities, the Central Civilization Office evaluated 166 participating cities by methods of field unannounced investigation, questionnaire survey and online material audit and put forward the 5th national civilized city list approved by the leaders of the Central Committee of Civilization.

At the same time, after strict review, Chengdu, Mianyang and Guang'an of our Province continued to retain the honorary title of national civilized cities. It is understood that while carrying out the selection work of the 5th national civilized cities, the Central Civilization Office also carefully carried out the inspection work of the previous national civilized cities. It followed the review procedures of the cities¡¯ earnestly self-examination, the provincial recommendation, the central ministries¡¯ examination and verification, and review assessment organization. Based on its online material audit results and the results acquired from the organized field visits, questionnaire investigations carried out by provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities civilization offices, the Central Civilization Office put forward review proposals to the previous national civilized cities, and handed them in to the leadership of the Central Committee of Civilization.

List of the fifth National Civilized Cities (89)

Five Capital Cities: Ji'nan city of Shandong Province, Haikou city of Hainan Province, Shijiazhuang city of Hebei Province, Urumqi city of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Xining city of Qinghai Province.

Four Municipality Districts: Xuhui District and Jiading District of Shanghai, Jiangbei District of Chongqing, and Tongzhou District of Beijing.

30 Prefecture-level Cities: Suqian city of Jiangsu Province, Rizhao city of Shandong Province, Huaibei city of Anhui Province, Lishui city of Zhejiang Province, Xuzhou city of Jiangsu Province, Panjin city of Liaoning Province, Huzhou city of Zhejiang Province, Suining city of Sichuan Province, Bengbu city of Anhui Province, Yichun city of Heilongjiang Province, Xuancheng city of Anhui Province, Xiangtan city of  Hunan Province, Qinhuangdao city of Hebei Province, Tongliao city of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Laiwu city of Shandong Province, Handan city of Hebei Province, Xianyang city of Shaanxi Province, Shizuishan city of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Anshan city of Liaoning Province, Luzhou city of Sichuan Province, Ji'an city of Jiangxi Province, Xinxiang city of Henan Province, Zunyi city of Guizhou Province, Anqing city of Anhui Province, Jiayuguan city of Gansu Province, Putian city of Fujian Province, Longyan city of Fujian Province, Taizhou city of Zhejiang Province, Zhumadian city of Henan Province and Ganzhou city of Jiangxi Province.

50 County-level Cities and Counties: Jiaozhou city of Shandong Province, Danyang city of Jiangsu Province, Zhuji city of Zhejiang Province, Haining city of Zhejiang Province, Shouguang city of Shandong Province, Changxing County of Zhejiang Province, Yixing city of Jiangsu Province, Jiangyin city of Jiangsu Province, Gongyi city of Henan Province, Changshu city of Jiangsu Province, Dangtu County of Anhui Province, Shaoshan city of Hunan Province, Laizhou city of Shandong Province, Yidu city of Hubei Province, Boluo County of Guangdong Province, Rongcheng city of Shandong Province, Liyang city of Jiangsu Province, Rushan city of Shandong Province, Etuokeqianqi of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Tianchang city of Anhui Province, Rugao city of Jiangsu Province, Meihekou city of Jilin Province, Yongcheng city of Henan Province, Xixia County of Henan Province, Nanchang County of Jiangxi Province, Zhengding County of Hebei Province, Qionghai city of Hainan Province, Tengchong city of Yunnan Province, Yuyao city of Zhejiang Province, Xiaoyi city of Shanxi Province, Feng County of Shaanxi Province, Qian'an city of Hebei Province, Changyuan County of Henan Province, Anning city of Yunnan Province, Zhidan County of Shaanxi Province, Shishi city Fujian Province, Dunhua city of Jilin Province, Chaohu city of Anhui Province, Tonglu County of Zhejiang Province, Longmen County of Guangdong Province, Wuping County of Fujian Province, Daye city of Hubei Province, Ruian city of Zhejiang Province, Longkou city of Shandong Province, Jinjiang city of Fujian Province, Sihui city of Guangdong Province, Zhong County of Chongqing city, Sha County of Fujian Province, Zhungeerqi of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Changji city of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

List of 83 previous National Civilized Cities that continue to retain honorary titles after reviewing and confirming

Dongcheng District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, and Xicheng District of Beijing

Heping District and Hexi District of Tianjin

Tangshan city of Hebei

Changzhi city of Shanxi

Baotou city, Erdos city and Manchuria city of Inner Mongolia

Dalian city and Shenyang city of Liaoning

Changchun city of Jilin

Daqing city, Harbin city and Suifenhe city of Heilongjiang

Jingan District, Changning District, Fengxian District and Pudong New Area of Shanghai

Nanjing city, Nantong city, Suzhou city, Yangzhou city, Changzhou city, Zhenjiang city, Wuxi city, Taizhou city and Zhangjiagang city of Jiangsu

Ningbo city, Hangzhou city, Jiaxing city, Shaoxing city, Wenzhou city of Zhejiang Province

Ma'anshan city, Hefei city, Tongling city and Wuhu city of Anhui  

Xiamen city, Fuzhou city, Sanming city, Quanzhou city and Zhangzhou city of Fujian

Qingdao city, Yantai city, Zibo city, Weihai city, Weifang city, Dongying city of Shandong

Zhengzhou city, Luoyang city, Xuchang city, Puyang city and Jiyuan city of Henan

Yichang city and Wuhan city of Hubei

Changsha city, Changde city, Yueyang city and Zhuzhou city of Hunan

Shenzhen city, Zhongshan city, Huizhou city, Dongguan city, Guangzhou city and Foshan city of Guangdong

Nanning city of Guangxi

Yubei District, Yuzhong and Nan'an District of Chongqing

Chengdu city, Mianyang city and Guang'an city of Sichuan

Guiyang city of Guizhou

Lhasa city of Tibet

Xi'an city and Baoji city of Shaanxi

Jinchang city of Gansu

Yinchuan city of Ningxia

Karamay city, Korla city and Shihezi city of Xinjiang

(Reporter, Zhang Lidong)