Mianyang Holds a Forum Over the Supervisory Work of Civilized City Construction

(Mianyang News) Mianyang hosted a forum over the supervisory work of civilized city construction in 2017 on November 9. The forum summed up the experience acquired from this year¡¯s supervisory work of national civilized city construction and planned out relevant rectification measures so as to consolidate the fruits of civilized city construction. The representatives present at the forum summarized this year¡¯s supervisory work of civilized city construction from different perspectives and offered some proposals over the construction of civilized city as well as the improvement of work state and long-term management mechanism according to their own practices.

Since Mianyang conducted the supervisory work of civilized city construction this year, the staff members of all supervisory groups, under the unified organization and arrangement of the Municipal Civilization Office, have gone to many places of urban area, including streets and alleyways, farmer¡¯s markets, places of cultural entertainment, window units, schools and communities. There they interviewed and investigated some uncivilized behaviors, such as disordered parking of vehicles, unrestricted motion of pets, cross door business of stores and random lampblack emission of open-air barbecue. Then they have collected and reported relevant information in time, offering references for the timely rectification of different units. (Ren Luxiao, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)