Promote Quality Workmanship and Build Mianyang into A Hot Land for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We will inspire and protect entrepreneurship, and encourage more entities to make innovations and start businesses. We will build an educated, skilled, and innovative workforce, folster respect for model workers, promote quality workmanship, and see that taking pride in labor becomes a social norm and seeking excellence is valued as a good work ethic.

--Excerpt from the report of the Party's 19th National Congress

(Mianyang News) "Guided by Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Mianyang has been vigorously encouraging all people to start their own business and make innovation and forms the mode of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" featuring military-civilian integration and technology innovation. We promote the steady development of the economic work and strive to build Mianyang into the hot land of innovation and entrepreneurship. In the first three quarters of this year, Mianyang leads the province in the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" work." Liu Qingchuan said recently in an interview with reporters. Liu is the director of the municipal technology and intellectual property bureau.

Enterprises have been greatly encouraged by the principles from 19th National Congress in science and technology innovation.

"The Party's national congress inspire and protect entrepreneurship, and encourage more entities to make innovations and start businesses. This inspires us.At present, our company is building the natural gas distributed energy and natural gas LNG project, which is a high-tech, strategic emerging industry; this is a specific case of implementing the principles from the 19th National Congress." said He Xiaoyong with emotion. He is the Chairman of Sichuan Menglin Energy Group. "Mianyang is a hot land for entrepreneurs to make innovations and start businesses and the development of high-tech industries have been vigorously supported by departments at all levels." According to reports, in recent years the company has been approved by the provincial development and reform commission to sign the framework agreement with People's government of Fucheng District  and AVIC Renewable Energy. This project will build the first natural gas distributed energy plant at the concentration development zone for small and medium-sized enterprises in Fucheng district, with the total investment of 800 million yuan and  total installed capacity of 120MW. At present, the project progresses smoothly.

"Folster respect for model workers and promote the quality workmanship; the report of the 19th National Congress points out the development direction for enterprises." said Han Yuping, the general manager of Sichuan JSBOUND Technology Co. Ltd. loacated in the Youxian economic experimental zone. As a craftsman, he invents the technology of reflective tiles in the tunnel and owns this patent. This invention wins the German"Red Dot Design Award" known as the Oscar in design range. As the innovation achievement in the global tunnel safety and energy-saving technology, it has realized the industrialization, and will be applied in tunnel and underground engineering construction projects. It will play an important role in improving the existing tunnel illumination shortag, traffic safety, energy saving and environmental protection.

With 58 incubators, Mianyang has become entrepreneurs' hot land for innovation and startup.

Mianyang's enterprise innovation ability continues to rise. During the fist nine months of this year, the amount of patent applications and authorization is 7,044 and 3,446, of which invention patent applications accounts for 39.34%.

In recent years, Mianyang vigorously implements the "Mianyang Talent Plan" and other talent introduction plan. This year, Mianyang supports 147 talents, granting talent funding 45.55 million yuan and further strengthening the attractiveness of talent. Mianyang has organized  more than 30 different kinds of activites like"Promoting upgrading through ". More than 2,000 enterprises and 10,000 people in total attended them. This helps to further stimulate the enthusiasm of mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

Currently, Mianyang has 58 incubators and more than 3400 enterprises and service organizations has settled in here. For the key entrepreneur groups like college graduates and migrant workers, Mianyang explores the building and operation model of "government guidance plus social capital promotion plus enterprise operation", building six new provincial innovation and entrepreneurship parks for college graduates. With 58 incubators, Mianyang has become entrepreneurs' hot land for innovation and startup. (Chen Rong, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)