Mianyang Implements Accurate Government Service through Improving the Mode and Level of Government Service

Mianyang upholds the principle of " one window for consultation, one window for acceptance, one window for issuing the certificate (license)"; the efficiency and level of government serve continue to improve (Pictures fro Vision Mianyang)

Recently, Mianyang held the "green service card" awarding ceremony for key investment projects and key enterprises. 41 key investment projects, 55 key enterprises were chosen from the city's 743 investment projects, 2,659 "four types of enterprises" to be awarded the "green service card" and enjoy the relevant accurate service.

Issuing the "green service card" to provide accurate service for enterprises and projects is a concrete measure to improve the mode and level of government service. In accordance with the requirements of improving the government service mode, Mianyang will fully implement the system of "green service card for enterprises" by improving the selection criteria, implementing dynamic management and keeping its promise, and strive to create a good environment for key investment projects and the development of enterprises. It will ensure a smooth landing of key investment projects and see that the existing types of enterprises will grow bigger and stronger. These requirements are proposed in the Mianyang Action Plan of Building a Service-oriented Government" approved by the executive meeting of municipal government.

In addition, the Plan proposed that we should carry out basis work for starting the projects, establish linkage mechanism for consultation at all levels of government and relevant departments, do well in the guidance of the basic work and promote the project into the approval process as soon as possible. Therefore, the municipal financial department will allocate 10 million yuan every year to support the preparatory work of fixed assets investment projects. Currently the declaration and sorting work of the projects in Mianyang has been completed. The municipal development and reform commission will organize the research group to carry out the in-depth investigation and research on the districts (parks) of each counties quarterly. It will focus on the common problems, key issues and difficulties appeared in the preparotary work of the project to solve them. It will implement the target responsibility systems: 1) the preparatory work of major projects is fully implemented by the legal person. 2) the department in charge of the project implementation should assign specialist to manage the projects and establish the system of specialist responsible for project. Through these measures, the project specialist could know the situation, timely give feedback and strengthen the coordination so as to actively promote the smooth running of the projects and ensure the projects are implemented successfully.

In order to guarantee the capital security, Mianyang also broaden the financing channels and actively explore a variety of financing channels, such as the corporate bonds, project revenue bonds, fund, trust and financing; it actively guide the declaration of PPP projects and solve the financing problems of projects. In

The Plan requires that we should change our idea of government service in accordance with the requirements of the supply side reforms on government service; we should perfect the entire agency service, booking service and door-to-door service and other service to meet the demands of the elderly, disabled and other special people, realizing the accurate government service. At the same time, we should explore the delay service system of government service entity hall, establish the duty system of delay service, implement the compensatory system of duty rotation of comprehensive window and encourage and regulate social forces to participate in providing government service, etc.

Therefore, the municipal administrative bureau of government service takes the mechanism innovation as the main method to promote the transformation of the administrative examination and approval, to further simplify work processes and to maximize the efficiency; it will adhere to the "one window for consultation, one window for acceptance and one window for issuing certificate (license)" and enhance the initiative, accuracy and convenience of government service through building the comprehensive widow for acceptance; it will focus on the "green service card" to provide one-stop service for key investment projects and enterprises; some windows even provide delay service, door-to-door service, whole-range agency service and other people-oriented service combined with actual situation.

Source: (Yuan Yuan, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)