The Inspection Team of the Security Committee of the State Council Conducts a "Review of Work" on Production Safety in Mianyang

Wang Lizheng leads the team and Liu Chao makes a speech

(Mianyang News) Based on the instruction of the security committee of the state council, Wang Lizheng led the inspection team to carry out the ¡°review of work¡± on production safety of Mianyang. He is the inspector of the Second Supervision Department of State Administration of Work Safety and head of the 22nd inspection team of the security committee of the State Council. Liu Chao, mayor, deputy secretary of the party and director of municipal security committee of Mianyang attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

¡°Review of the work¡± is considered as a concrete movement to ensure the successful opening of the 19th CPC National Congress. It is an important part of carrying out the tasks of ¡°Thorough Inspection¡± and consolidating existing achievements, and also a powerful measure to promote production safety and prevent accidents to happen repeatedly.

We must fully realize the significance of this ¡°review of work¡± on production, integrate thoughts and actions with decisions and arrangements made by Party Central Committee and State Council, and initiate to fulfill duties and take measures. We will make thorough efforts to implement the ¡°review of work¡± movement, creating a stable and safe production environment on the occasion of the opening of the 19th CPC Nation Congress. Firstly, we must be clear about our tasks. We should make solid steps to let people working in enterprises, workshops and construction sites realize their responsibilities of paying attention to production safety, and ensure the rectification measures aimed at the problems found in production safety inspection by State Council to be fully carried out. Meanwhile, we should assign staffs to take responsibilities to guard the production safety and prevent major accidents in the pipeline of 19th CPC National Congress. Secondly, we should pay close attention to prominent issues. We should keep an eye on high-risk industries and enterprises which have been asked to halt production or shut down, and those with severe potential dangers and salient problems. We need to intensify the inspection, and carry out self-inspection and self- rectification toward key process. Thirdly, we must strictly enforce the law. We must seriously implement such law enforcements as ¡°Four Standards¡± for punishing enterprises which produce or run illegally, and such requirements as ¡°Five Ways for Eliminating Poverty¡±. Illegal behaviors and serious issues must be considered seriously and held accountable.

Liu Chao said that we will thoroughly implement the instruction on production safety from President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, and strictly follow the arrangements made by the security committee of the State Council as well as provincial party and government. We will regard the work to secure the safe production as the most important political task during the 19th CPC congress, supervising safety production in a solid and thorough way and protecting people¡¯s life and property security and making a safe production environment for the 19th CPC congress. Firstly, we should make solid efforts to rectify existing problems with unswerving attitude. Meanwhile, for the problem found out by the inspection team, we must make a list and a standing book, and intensify our efforts to ensure the responsibility of rectification to be assigned, and measures, fund, time and plan have been put in place. Prevention and control measures should be taken in a detailed way. We must work to ensure every problem is investigated thoroughly, every task is fully carried out, and every rectification measure is implemented and can produce results. Secondly, we should strictly implement relevant responsibilities. Based on the principles that the Party shares the same duties with government, two parties are responsible for one operating post, accountability system should be implemented and multiple parties work together to achieve safety production, we should strictly fulfill relevant responsibilities, such as the enterprises¡¯ responsibility to ensure production safety, government¡¯s management responsibility for enterprises located within its region, and the union¡¯s supervising responsibility towards industries. We need to exert solid effort to ensure that every level perform its duties well. Thirdly, we must be cooperative in inspection. We must obey their instructions and assignments, working carefully to offer relevant materials, helping spot inspection and other works. Meantime, we must objectively report the data and material collected as well as the progress of works, reflecting Mianyang¡¯ production safety.

Wu Jinlu, deputy director of provincial Safety Supervision Bureau and deputy director of Security Committee, Xia Fengjian, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Luo Zongzhi, deputy mayor and executive deputy director of municipal Security Committee, and Tan Gang, secretary-general of Mianyang government attended the conference. (All-media reporter Ma Xinyou, Mianyang Daily)