Invigorate Market Vitality and Strengthen People¡¯s Sense of Gain through Streamlining Administration and Delegating Powers to Lower Levels

From ¡°Licensing Involves All Kinds of Sectors¡± to ¡°Nailing It in Only One Service Window¡±

Mianyang News (Reporter Guo Ruoxue) ¡°It¡¯s so convenient to get a license in only one service window, while, in the past, licensing involved several relevant sectors and citizens needed to come to office again and again.¡± A few days ago, Mr. Wu came to government service center of Youxian District for a business license of unified social credit code. The special service window (integrating a few licenses into one) greatly simplified the procedure for him. This shows great accomplishments made through streamlining administration and delegating powers to lower levels and establishing service-oriented government. This movement not only allows citizens free from troublesome licensing procedures, but also largely invigorates market vitality.

In order to allow citizens to take less effort, spend less time and pay less money to handle affairs and solve the prominent problems reported by citizens, such as ¡°handling affairs in a complicated, slow, and troublesome way¡±, we further simplified procedure, optimized environment for handling affairs, and deepened reform of administrative approval system with the focus on mechanism innovation, thus speeding up the transformation of government function. With 404 items requiring administrative approval being handled in Government Service center Hall, we basically achieved integrated examination and approval of items, centralized personnel and real-time examination monitoring, which enabled us to take the lead in carrying out ¡°three integrations¡± and ¡°three realizations¡± across the province. To solve the prominent problems in streamlining administration and delegating powers, we firstly practiced the model of ¡°accepting and hearing a case in the window and handling it based on division of work.¡±, and stuck to ¡°consulting, accepting and hearing, and issuing license through one service window¡±. Four ¡°Integrated Service Windows¡± affair accepting posts were set up in Government Service center, which gives feedback uniformly and supervises the whole process. The efficiency of licensing has risen by 75.4% through integrating and setting up comprehensive service window, which has also improved initiative, precision and convenience when offering services.

Resolute reform was also conducted in community. This year, we vigorously carried out ¡°reducing license types to increase convenience for citizens¡± movement, and announced Reserved Item List Requiring Approval on Countryside or Community Level and Canceled Item List Requiring Approval on Countryside or Community Level, which only 13 items were reserved while 289 items was canceled.

Evolving from ¡°three licenses one seal¡± to ¡°one license with three numbers¡±, and to ¡°one license one code¡±, we relaxed control over market access; reduced preliminary approval items, and costs for entrepreneurship access system. On this basis, we carried out ¡°many in one¡± and ¡°one license one code" registration reform for enterprises and farmer professional cooperative, as well as ¡°integration of three licenses¡± for individual business, which, step by step, integrated all kinds of licenses concerning enterprise registration and recording into business license. Meanwhile, we strictly controlled the number of new items that require approvals, and rigorously carried out all codes required by national and provincial government towards delegating powers to lower levels, thus optimizing the power allocation. To improve the environment for business operation, we established a progress standing book for all projects¡¯ approving, as well as a project library. We also set up a ¡°Green Card¡± office and ¡°Green Card¡± window, which consists of 500 staffs, including project specialists, service specialists, and so on, providing with ¡°two to one¡± targeted service. According to statistics, This team served for 296 investment and construction projects, from January to September this year, with 1693 items being approved, and provided 27 projects with green service for 56 times, handling affairs 53% faster than the past.  

"If you want to know how efficient government handling affairs is, just experience its service in Government Service center.¡± Director of municipal government service bureau said that streamlining administration and delegating powers to lower levels is only a part of effort to build a service-oriented government. Government service departments will continue to focus on people¡¯s demand, and thoroughly implement Action Plan of Building A Service-Oriented Government in Mianyang. We will eliminate institutional barriers, make an innovation when offering services, and exert every effort to deepen the reform of commercial system and optimize power allocation, so as to let enterprise and citizens take a ¡°high speed way¡± in handling affairs in government. In this way can market gain more vitality and people be more satisfied.